Pressed for cash, Dutch media company forced to pay rent in items from TV series’ set

Published 14.06.2017 14:44

Employees of the Dutch media company Endemol received a shock when the owner of a mansion where the company was filming a Turkish TV series came to the set and demanded items of furniture in place of unpaid rent.

Endemol, which has been responsible for producing popular series including Paramparça (Broken Pieces) and Kördüğüm (Intersection) as well as the reality show Big Brother Türkiye, was not prepared for the mansion owner's sudden demand of 190 items from the set of the series Dayan Yüreğim (My Enduring Heart).

The company Tatar İstanbul Otelcilik A.Ş, operated by the Tatar family that also owns the mansion in Istanbul's Beykoz district, made the demand for the furniture.

Teams from the Beykoz Bailiff's Office and the Tatar family's lawyer seized all items belonging to the Endemol company in place of unpaid rent after presenting a warrant.

The media company owed 539,685 Turkish liras ($150,000) in unpaid rent, which was settled by handing over carpets, bookshelves, beds, vases and other items from the set.

Endemol's descent into financial trouble reportedly began with losses on several film projects. A source close to the company revealed that Endemol had debts of up to 80 million Turkish liras ($23 million), although sales of productions abroad are expected to bring the company $15 million.

Endemol Shine Group is made up of 120 companies across the world, with productions screened to an audience of millions in 200 countries. The company is credited with creating international television formats including MasterChef, Big Brother and Deal or No Deal.

In 2016 Endemol produced some 700 media and television projects that were aired on 267 channels worldwide.

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