Second R&D, Innovation Summit in Istanbul next month

Published 18.08.2017 21:10

Organized for the first time last year by the Architect and Engineers Group (MMG), the Research and Development (R&D) Innovation Summit and Expo will shed light on the future of Turkey for the second time, beginning in the first week of next month.

Turkey's innovation and R&D leaders will attend the summit that will host R&D and innovation activities and leaders that will enable Turkey to accomplish the government's 2023 vision. Turkey's national and domestic projects, some for the first time, will be displayed during the event.

R&D and innovation leaders, who are essential for Turkey's goal of becoming a world leader, will meet in Istanbul, and new domestic and national projects, regarded as Turkey's future, will be exhibited. The 2nd R&D Innovation Summit and Expo will be organized by Architect Engineers Group (MMG) at Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Convention Center on September 6-7, 2017. During the summit this year, 40 speakers, the leaders of innovation and R&D, will discuss the future of Turkey in their fields in 10 sessions. At the expo, on the other hand, innovative projects, including Turkey's national and domestic projects, will be exhibited.

The titles of panels during which Turkey's national and domestic R&D and innovation will be discussed include transition to the information economy, and national projects in defense, aeronautics and space. Also there are domestic and national transportation technologies, climate change and green technologies, domestic development: Technopolis and industrial clusters, energy storage and next-generation battery technologies, R&D and innovation financing, localization and innovation opportunities of 4.5G technologies, localization and innovation opportunities in the health sector, and successful localization and innovation stories in civil aviation.

During the sessions to be held at the two-day summit, many opportunities and alternative models in different fields from the defense industry to transportation, from health to communication, will be created. Solutions will be offered for issues that pose an obstacle to localization and nationalization. While pioneering the definition of the concept of "domestic innovation", which is indispensable for development and progression, projects will be carried out in order to establish the relevant civil initiative, with the creation of a domestic development model, which will include the information economy at the center. Talks will be held on the creation of additional funding sources as well as national supports within the scope of the information and innovation economy.

Universities, Technoparks, Development Agencies and R&D Centers from all over the country will come together for the future of Turkey under the scope of the summit to be held with the contributions of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Istanbul Governor's Office, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) and The Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ) under the auspices of the Science and Technology Ministry, Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, Development Ministry and National Defense Ministry.

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