German trailer manufacturer opens factory in Turkey

Published 15.09.2017 00:36

Following recent investments by German companies in Turkey, another German player has been added to the list. Schmitz Cargobull, a German manufacturer of semi-trailers, trailers and truck bodies, has opened a factory in Sakarya, a city in northwestern Turkey. Schmitz Cargobull Turkey General Manager Mile Mishevski said they made this investment because they cherish the market, indicating that they did market research and that it was a request of their customers to enter the market with their own facility.

German trailer brand Schmitz Cargobull will officially open its factory in Turkey in October. However, production has already started at the factory, and even the first delivery in Turkey was made to Me-Tol Nakliyat, a transport company, as 10 units of Schmitz S. CS Mega Varios were added to the company's fleet.

Underscoring that they will be closer to customers not only through the products they sell but also with other services they provide, "We will take full coverage in the Turkish market. One of the full range activities is the most common and good after-sales service. At the moment, an after-sales service agreement has been signed with 6 points. We will increase this to over 20 in Turkey," Mishevski said, adding: "At the same time, interchange is a reality in today's world, and we will have a second-hand organization here in Turkey just as we have in Europe. Apart from production and installation, we will provide spare parts service at our facility in Sakarya. The service made here will be an example for other services."

Moreover, the company will manufacture four different products at its facility.

Schmitz Cargobull Turkey Sales Manager Nihat Özmen Ayhan, who said that the company operates in three main groups, indicated that they will commence assemblage of refrigerated and dumper trailers after the tidal models, whose production has started.

"Germany and Turkey production will be of the same quality. Our current capacity is designed to serve our customers in Turkey only. However, exports could also be on the agenda," he said.

It was also stated that the company started to supply from Turkey.

Turkish Trailer Industry Association (TREDER) Chairman Kaan Saltık emphasized that the investments will transform Turkey into a production base in the region.

"Global trailer producers and suppliers' investments in Turkey continue to increase. I think this trend will continue. We are pleased with investments and support them. As a result of investments, Turkey will become the hub of the region as a result of the investments. Hereafter, the trailer sector will take its place in the rise of the Turkish automotive industry. Investments have a positive effect on the sector because we are an industry that needs intermediate goods, and we supply them from abroad. With production of intermediate goods in Turkey, competition conditions will develop in favor of Turkey. As of today, Turkey has a trailer capacity of 60,000 units. We expect this capacity to reach 100,000. This capacity will make Turkey the biggest producer after Germany. We export 8,000 trailer units," he said.

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