Ukrainian delegation to learn from Turkey's experience in finance model for mega projects

Published 16.09.2017 00:00

A Ukrainian delegation will visit Istanbul next week to acquire knowledge about Turkey's experiences in the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model that is employed on mega-scale bridge, port, hospital, road and airport projects, such as the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Eurasian Tunnel and city hospitals.

The financial model that Turkey implements in constructing its mega projects is attracting the attention of the whole world. Representatives from foreign countries are coming to Istanbul to learn about Turkey's Public-Private Partnership financing model and see the investments made with this model. Turkey has used the model in mega projects such as the Eurasia Tunnel, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Istanbul's third airport, as well as in the construction of ports, hospitals, road and airports. In this context, Turkey is preparing to host a delegation from the Ukrainian Ministry of Economy and Commerce from Sept. 18-23 that seeks to learn about the financing model.

The working committee delegation of the Turkey-Ukraine Public-Private Partnership, supported by the Ministry of Economy and actualized by Turkish Contractors' Association, will be in Turkey from Sept. 18 to 23. A total of 13 Ukrainian public representatives, headed by Deputy Minister of Economy and Commerce Mykhailo Titarchuk, will learn about Turkey's experiences during the four-day tour and elaborate on the Public-Private Partnership issue in order to guide them in their plans to build various ports, hospitals, road and airports in Ukraine in the short term.

Authorities from the Turkish Economy Ministry and Turkish Contractors' Association will guide the Ukrainian delegation during their field visits to various mega projects and deliver elaborate presentations on what roadmaps to follow while actualizing projects.

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