Local snails served on East Asian tables


Turkey's sea snail exports saw a 46 percent increase in 2017 compared to the previous year in terms of exports to Eastern Asian countries like South Korea, China and Japan. According to data compiled from the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (DKİB), a total of 1,435 tons of sea snails were exported to East Asian countries, generating revenue of $8.6 million in 2016. However, in 2017, the country exported 2,049 tons of sea snails worth $12.5 million. Accordingly, snail exports recorded a 43 percent increase in volume and a 46 percent rise in value.

South Korea led the way in Turkey's overall exports with $7.6 million, followed by Japan with $2.2 million and China with $1.9 million. In the said period, Turkey achieved $861,928 and $47,204 in sea snail exports to Taiwan and Greece, respectively. Meanwhile, 240,000 tons of snails were exported to the Far East from the eastern Black Sea in this period, generating $7.3 million in revenue.

In exports from this region, South Korea came to the fore with $5.7 million, followed by Japan with $802,020 and China with $625,591. In addition, the exports to Taiwan reached $180,508 in the same period as well. DKIB Chairman Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan said Turkey is in the forefront in terms of snail exports, regardless of the lack of consumption in the country. Stressing that snail exports from the country increased by 46 percent, Gürdoğan said they realized exports to Greece for the first time this year. Pointing out that the eastern Black Sea region has important potential in snail exports, Gürdoğan said exports from the region have reached $7.3 million.

Gürdoğan also highlighted that Trabzon comes to the fore in snail exports, adding that the largest amount of sea snail exports in Turkey has been realized by companies based in Trabzon.

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