Turkey granted work permits to nearly 98,000 foreigners in 10 months

Published 13.11.2018 21:42
Updated 14.11.2018 00:09

Turkey granted work permits to almost 98,000 foreign nationals in the January-October period, Labor, Social Services and Family Ministry announced yesterday.

According to the ministry data, 97,991 foreigners acquired work permit out of 122,115 applications in the 10-month period. Syrians topped the list, followed by the Georgian, Kyrgyz, Ukrainian, Chinese, and Turkmen nationals.

Turkey received work permit applications from foreigners across 165 countries in this period, including Mexico and Japan. In 2017, the ministry - receiving and evaluating applications quickly via a web portal - issued 87,182 work permits while 59,873 others were issued in 2016.

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