Turkey's Akfen invests TL 5.6B in 2018, plans more projects next year

Published 28.12.2018 23:33
Updated 29.12.2018 08:00

Akfen Holding has completed investments worth TL 5.6 billion ($1.06 billion) in 2018, providing additional employment to 4,059 people.

According to a statement by Akfen Holding, the company has revealed its confidence in the future of Turkey with its successive investments. The holding company has completed all of the plans cited in its investment package disclosed at the end of 2017, making investments worth TL 5.6 billion in various fields.

In addition, Akfen has provided jobs for 4,059 people, completed the construction of Isparta Student Dormitory and Eskişehir City Hospital, and commissioned one hydroelectric power plant and five solar power plants with a total power of 58.5 megawatts in 2018.

Meanwhile, Akfen is on the verge of completing the Kütahya Student Dormitory, the Bulvar Loft housing project and the Gökırmak copper mining project, which will come into operation in Kastamonu next month.

The holding company's Bodrum Loft project is also under way. The company will announce the details of its 2019 investment package in early January 2019.

Akfen Holding Chairman Hamdi Akın stated that they have fulfilled the promise of making investments worth TL 5.6 billion as they announced in early 2018.

Stressing that they have completed all of the projects, Akın said: "In addition to investments, we have provided jobs for 4,059 people.

We will continue to make such investments through our confidence in the future of Turkey."

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