Turkish TV series broadcast in 156 countries blessing for furniture exports

Published 04.02.2019 00:07
A scene from the high-rated TV series “The Bandits” (Eşkiya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz) broadcast on ATV.
A scene from the high-rated TV series “The Bandits” (Eşkiya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz) broadcast on ATV.

Furniture manufacturers, whose exports reached $3 billion last year, aim to increase sales through local TV series being screened in 156 countries and watched by more than 500 million people worldwide

Turkish TV shows are currently being broadcast in 156 countries, and Turkey ranks second after the U.S. in global TV series exports. Convenient platforms to promote Turkish culture, tourism and products, these TV series have also boosted furniture exports. Local manufacturers are currently exporting furniture to 179 countries.

The success of local TV series and the furniture industry could further boost exports, Confederation of Turkish Tradesman and Craftsman (TESK) Chairman Bendevi Palandöken said. Turkey's furniture industry with its very high local ratio exceeded export targets for 2018, hitting $3.14 billion, a 14 percent year-on-year increase. The sector has achieved a significant rise in exports, compared to $2.76 billion in 2017.

"Domestically produced furniture items must be more frequently showcased in TV series," to aid market expansion of furniture exports TESK Chairman Palandöken suggested. Promotion campaigns and commercials directly impact tourism. Promotions via TV series and movies are a great opportunity to reach tourism goals, he remarked.

"More than 100 Turkish TV series are produced per year, and they are exported to 156 countries and watched by 500 million people. The current volume of TV series exports is estimated to be around $350 million. Considering our $3.14 billion in furniture exports, the cooperation of these two sectors will certainly yield great benefits for the furniture industry," the TESK chairman said.

Displaying Turkish products on local TV series will give them access to hundreds of millions of people, he noted.

Palandöken also maintained that small-sized craftsmen should also benefit from loan packages provided for factories and big manufacturers.

"The furniture industry posts a trade surplus and is making progress every year, reaching more countries. Thus, small-size producers must also be provided enhanced financing packages," he concluded.

A Turkish businessman who created his eponymous furniture brand Adnan Bostan previously said that his company increased exports due to the wide viewership of the TV series "Magnificent Century" and "Kösem Sultan."

Bostan, the leading manufacturer of classic furniture for palaces, hotels, restaurants and villas in 26 countries, employs 175 people on 10,000 square meters of space in Istanbul.

Bostan previously stressed that that the company's turnover in 2018 would exceed TL 20 million adding they expect at least 10 percent growth in 2019.

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