Turkish Cargo delivers 4,000 tons of flowers worldwide for Valentine's Day

Published 15.02.2019 00:05

Turkish Cargo, which serves 124 countries as the world's fastest-growing air cargo brand, carried around 4,000 tons of flowers due to the increasing demand ahead of Valentine's Day.

According to a statement from the Turkish Airlines Press Consultancy, Turkish Cargo carried out its special cargo transportation for a special day this time.

Turkey's flag carrier carried flowers to all over the world through charter flights it started from the Kenyan capital of Nairobi and Ecuadorian capital of Quito in order to meet the growing demand for flowers on Valentine's Day.

In addition to charter flights, Turkish Cargo carried approximately 4,000 tons of flowers from Jan. 1 to Feb. 10 through flights from Nairobi to Stansted, Narita, Maastricht and Riyadh and from Quito to Amsterdam, Beijing, Manila, Jakarta and Taiwan.

Turkish Cargo, which has technologies to maintain the vitality of flowers on intercontinental flights, carried out these special operations with air-conditioned planes that provide maximum freshness and shelf life.

The air cargo brand, which plays an important role in international trade, renders air cargo services to 54 destinations in 36 countries in the African continent, which is an important center for flower production. It enables flowers grown in Africa to reach the world.

Turkish Cargo, which carried 20,000 tons of flowers last year, maintains its quality service by offering special solutions with 43 special cargo holds with different temperature ranges and temperature-controlled containers inside planes.

The accomplished air cargo carrier, which evolved into a brand under the title of "Turkish Cargo" in 2000, carried a total of 1.4 million tons cargo in 2018, ranking among the top 10 international air ctargo carriers based on the data obtained by WACD (World Air Cargo Data).

In 2018, Turkish Cargo reached more than 300 destinations in the world and carried 1.4 million tons of cargo.

Valentine's Day is celebrated with cards, flowers and chocolates but has its roots in a 3rd-century priest in Rome who performed secret marriages between young people. Killed by the Roman emperor Claudius II in 270 A.D., St. Valentine is honored by Christian churches every year.

However, across the world, also in Turkey, young people have developed a trend for surprise proposals on this day.

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