Overcome fear of flying with THY's program

Published 19.02.2019 00:06

Even though most people enjoy flying, it may also make many feel uneasy. According to statistical information, fear of flying (aviophobia) is quite a frequently encountered situation.

According to a study cited by national flag carrier Turkish Airlines (THY), 85 percent of people have a fear of flying to some extent; where they would prefer not to fly if possible.

In order to help passengers overcome their fear of flying Turkish Airlines is providing a two-day program.

Thanks to the "Conquer your Fear of Flying Program" held by THY Aviation Academy once a month, thousands of people have so far overcome their fear and started boarding.

The standard participation rate is TL 2,750, while for students, retirees and teaches it is TL 1,938 (VAT included) per program.

According to THY Aviation Academy, the objective and content of the program is to inform participants about piloting and technical issues regarding airplanes by aviation specialists (pilots, technical instructors and cabin instructors), make evaluations about fears and aviophobia of participants accompanied by psychologists and psychiatrists and carry out virtual flights in a cabin simulator. Participants are then sent on a real flight in the company of experts.

In virtual flight practice, virtual flight experience is provided for participants by means of a cabin simulator.

On the first day of the two-day program, pilots, technical instructors and cabin instructors inform the participants about piloting and technical issues regarding airplanes. The aviophobia of participants is evaluated in the company of psychologists. Later, participants are made to experience virtual flights in the cabin simulators. On the second day, all participants attend a real round-trip flight from Istanbul to a designated destination in the country.

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