THY opens new central office in Kyrgyzstan

Published 13.04.2019 00:09

National flag carrier Turkish Airlines (THY) has opened a new two-story central office in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

The opening ceremony was attended by Kyrgyz Deputy Minister of Transport and Roads Jenishbek Nogoybayev, Turkish Ambassador to Bishkek Cengiz Kamil Fırat, THY Sales Vice President (Asia & Far East) Tuncay Eminoğlu, Turkish Cypriot Envoy to Bishkek Atınç Keskin, Bishkek Municipality Administration Chairman Balbak Tulebayev and THY Bishkek Director Özgür Suuçak.

Speaking at the ceremony on behalf of the ministry, Nogoybayev said that there is a historical bond between THY and Kyrgyzstan. "Kyrgyzstan is in close cooperation with THY. We have a historical bond. We are expanding and developing our cooperation."

Pointing out that THY offers Istanbul-Bishkek-Istanbul and Istanbul-Bishkek-Ulaanbaatar flights, Nogoybayev added: "Again, today is a very special day. At a time when a new airport has been opened in Istanbul, THY has put its new office in Bishkek into service. For me, this event has a symbolic meaning."

Turkish Ambassador to Bishkek Cengiz Kamil Fırat said THY is the most valuable brand of Turkey." Noting that Turkey and Kyrgyzstan are brother and friendly countries, Fırat said, "THY ensures the bridge of friendship between these two countries."

He said that they requested THY to initiate Ankara-Bishkek-Ankara and Bishkek-Osh flights in Kyrgyzstan in addition to Istanbul-Bishkek-Istanbul flights.

THY Sales Vice President (Asia & Far East) Eminoğlu remarked that THY, which started its journey with five planes in 1933, continues with its fleet of 336 planes today.

Emphasizing that THY has one of the youngest fleets in the world, he said that the carrier, which conducts flights to 307 destinations throughout the world, has the title of "the airline company flying to the largest number of destinations."

Eminoğlu recalled that THY started Kyrgyzstan flights in May 1996 with two flights a week, saying that the number of flights offered to the country is 17 at the moment. Pointing out that Kyrgyzstan showed the importance it attached to THY by opening a new office, Eminoğlu said that they want to grow with more flights between Turkey and Kyrgyzstan in the upcoming period.

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