Turkish series top TV ratings in Morocco

Published 16.05.2019 00:08

Aired around the world, wildly popular Turkish TV series, which have become the focus of interest for Arab audiences, have now earned the highest ratings on Moroccan screens.

Turkish TV series have garnered considerable success particularly over the last decade and have become one of the most preferred television series around the globe, including in Gulf, Latin American and European countries.

They have also sparked interest in Turkey, contributing to the number of foreign tourists arriving in the country.

In a written statement from Maroc Metri, an organization that monitors the TV rankings of local channels in Morocco, the series "Beni Affet" ("Forgive Me"), airing on Morocco's Channel 2, took the top spot among the most-watched series in the country during the month of Ramadan.

It was further stated that the show, watched by about 9 million viewers daily, has a viewing rate of 70.8 percent. The series, which has been airing in Morocco since 2011, is the most watched show on Moroccan television, while the show's cast is known to have high popularity in the country as well. Previously aired "Gümüş" ("Silver") and "Ihlamurlar Altında" ("Under the Linden Trees") Turkish TV series were also among the most watched shows in Morocco.

Wildly popular Turkish TV series and films, which promote Turkish culture, tourism and products, are currently aired in more than 140 countries and have reached export figures of over $350 million per year. Turkey ranks second in global TV series exports only after the U.S. - the birthplace of Hollywood.

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