25 Turkish firms attend Iraq reconstruction exhibition

Published 13.06.2019 00:28

Re-Construct Iraq, an international exhibition for construction and power industries being held in Baghdad, kicked off on Tuesday with the participation of many foreign companies including from Turkey.

In addition to 25 Turkish companies, foreign companies from Iran, Egypt, Germany, Italy, India, China, Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), operating in the construction industry and other relevant areas are also attending the four-day exhibition at the International Baghdad Fair Center.

The event was inaugurated by Iraqi Minister of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works Benkin Rigani.

Delivering the opening speech, Rigani said that the country has lagged behind in the construction industry, adding that the situation in city centers and districts is miserable.

"No architectural plan has been developed. There used to be certain infrastructure materials used in the construction area in the past. They used to give the cities a beautiful architectural image. We could see this in Baghdad particularly. However, this beautiful architectural image of our cities has recently disappeared."

Following the defeat of Daesh, Iraq has been facing the task of rebuilding the war-torn country and restoring security. As a neighboring country, Turkey has announced that it will provide the necessary support in efforts for reconstruction.

In February 2018, various countries pledged billions of dollars in loans and investments for the reconstruction of Iraq at the international donors' conference in Kuwait City. Turkey pledged $5 billion in loans and investments, making the country one of the top contributors.

Turkey's Trade Minister recently said Turkish contracting companies have so far undertaken around 987 projects valued at $25.9 billion in Iraq. On the other hand, Turkish Expotim International Fair Organizations Inc. Sales Director Bora Ayfaş, who said that 25 Turkish companies are attending the fair, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Turkey has a strong participation in the Baghdad fair with infrastructure and superstructure companies, noting that they have great expectations from the fair.

Pointing out that the participation of Turkish companies in such fairs increases every year, Aytaş stated that they want to do good works in the engineering area in Iraq.

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