After eggs, Iraq bans pasta imports from Turkey

Published 03.07.2019 00:15

While negotiations are underway to remove trade barriers between the two countries, Iraq has come to the fore with yet another obstacle regarding Turkey's exports to the country.

Baghdad has now issued another ban on the import of table salt, noodles and pasta from Turkey, in addition to eggs.

Iraq, which banned the import of eggs in May and beverages and ice cream imports in June, has now issued a communiqu

é on the prohibition of table salt, noodle varieties and pasta imports from Turkey.

The decision of the Iraqi Council of Ministers will take effect after 60 days and will remain in force for a year, Turkish daily Dünya reported.

Pasta Industrialists Association of Turkey Chair Kadir Küllahçıoğlu stressed that pasta exports to Iraq stopped completely with Baghdad's decision, listing the reasons for the decision as the tense political relations between Turkey and Iraq and the efforts to expand domestic production with the pasta factories established in the country.

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