Int'l short film competition on Prophet Muhammad aims to fight Islamophobia

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An international short film competition organized by the Siyer Foundation entitled "Perfect faith, perfect human being" aims to convey the message of peace and to counter Islamophobia, by portraying the characteristics of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). The details of the competition were revealed at an event in Istanbul on Wednesday.

The chairman of Siyer Foundation Mehmet Kaya noted that it is the first time the competition is taking place at an international level, with the goal to promote the Prophet's message through arts and cinema.

The head of the film competition's consultative committee İhsan Kabil said that the competition will be a positive response against Islamophobia.

A member of the film competititon's jury, Nazif Tunç said that it is crucial to convey the peaceful message of the Prophet to the world, as Muslims live under constant attack.

The award ceremony will be held on February 19, when a total of 65,000 liras will be handed out to the winners.

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