Nostalgia dominates Safranbolu film festival

Published 17.09.2017 22:54
Updated 17.09.2017 22:56
The Golden Safran Film Festival is held in Safranbolu district, which is registered by UNESCO for its unique architecture.
The Golden Safran Film Festival is held in Safranbolu district, which is registered by UNESCO for its unique architecture.

The 18th International Golden Saffron Documentary Film Festival, where 183 documentaries will be screened, starts Sept. 29 in Safranbolu in Karabük province. Fatih Ürkmezer, the Committee President of the International Golden Saffran Documentary Film Festival Organization and district governor of Safranbolu, said that they aim to introduce the district with this festival at the introductory meeting. Implying the district has a culture dating back to old times not only in restoration and preservation but also in cinema and documentary, Ürkmezer added that the district was officially registered by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1994.

Cinema for soda pop

Mentioning the importance of protecting the cultural heritage of Safranbolu in the national and international arena, Ürkmezer reported that the constant main theme of the festival is "Cultural Heritage and Protection," but the theme "Cinema for Soda Pop" has been chosen as the additional theme this year. He said they chose the theme of soda pop since it is a common thing in open-air cinemas and also since local Bağlar Soda Pop in Safranbolu has a nostalgic value. Ürkmezer said that they aim to bring nostalgic films to spectators in open-air cinemas that will be installed in various areas of the district by the older cinematographs of the Directorate General of Cinema.

Implying the festival will start by placing a wreath in the National Pact Democracy Square, Ürkmezer invited citizens and cinema lovers to the festival.

Zülfiye Eraslan Özcan, the General Coordinator of the festival, said that 183 documentaries would be presented in the festival. She added, "Producers and directors from Macedonia, Greece, Tatarstan, Mongolia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan and South Koreawill participate the festival."

Mini concerts, live performances, conferences and interviews about the 100th anniversary of Turkish Cinema along with folk dances, group exhibitions and traditional handicrafts exhibitions will take place at the festival.

Singer Emre Aydın will perform at the festival, which finishes Oct. 1.

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