Regulation on cinema tickets approved by parliament

Published 19.01.2019 00:00

A regulation to end the operator-producer debate was approved by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM). If movie theater operators promote tickets, they will sign a contract with producers. Ticket sales will not be combined with popcorn or any other products.

The proposal, which aims to support series that contribute to the international promotion of national culture and increase competitiveness in the cinema sector in the international arena, was approved and became law in the TBMM.

According to the law, the duration of ads will be no more than 10 minutes before the motion picture, the duration of trailer screenings will be at least three minutes and be five minutes at most and breaks at screenings will not exceed 15 minutes. Cinema operators will not be able to make sales through subscriptions, promotions, campaigns and wholesales. Traditional discounts, such as the first session and public day, will be determined through contracts between operators and producers and distributors (if any) along with similar discounts for schools, occupational groups and people over a certain age.

However, movie theater operators will not be able to determine subscriptions, promotions, campaigns and wholesale activities except for discounted ticket pricing to be determined by the contract with the producers and the distributors of films. Tickets will not be sold in combinations deals such as with popcorn or other products.

The Law on the Amendment about Supporting, Evaluation and Classification of Cinema Films predicts the definition of "series" because of the addition of a new type of series support.

According to the law, "supporting boards" will be established, providing that their number will not be more than four, to consider applications in screening support types of project development, first feature fiction film productions, feature film production, co-production, script and dialogue writing, animation film production, short film production, documentary film production, post-shooting, distribution and promotion and domestic film and to determine the ones that will be supported.

Supporting boards will consist of eight people, as four sector representatives to be determined by related field professional associations and three members to be chosen among directors, screenwriters and dialogue writers, actors, movie theater operators, film distributors, broadcasting institutions or organizations representatives and academics working in departments of cinema by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and one ministry representative. The ministry representative will be the head of the board.

The Committee for Supporting Series and Foreign Films will be established to evaluate applications made in the series and foreign film production support types and to determine which ones will be supported.

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