Five films hit theaters this week

Published 02.03.2019 00:18

'Lazzaro Felice'

Awarded Best Screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival, "Lazzaro Felice" ("Happy as Lazzaro") conveys the meeting story of kind-hearted young peasant Lazzaro and Tancredi, a noble cursed by imaginative powers, on the silver screen.

Written and directed by Italian director Alice Rohrwacher, the film features Adriano Tardiolo, Agnese Graziani, Luca Chikovani, Alba Rohrwacher, Sergi Lopez, Natalino Balasso, Tommaso Ragno and Nicoletta Braschi.

'Yalan Dolan'

Starring Şafak Sezer in the leading role, "Yalan Dolan" ("Pack of Lies") is directed by Michael Şahin Derun.

In the film, Çetin Altay, Burcu Binici and Yıldırım Öcek accompany Sezer. The story follows a team of six involved in a perfect bank heist, using a system of errors.


The Turkish horror film "Musabbar," directed by Engin Tutuş and Erdal Tutuş, features Mahmut Kemal Sarıaltun, Cemre Cansaatçı, Reza Mollazade, Emine Söyler, M. John Rashiddin and Barış Bayram Kesen. In the film, a tribe of djinns called Musabbar haunts people.'Öldür Benİ Sevgİlİm'

Directed by Şenol Sönmez, "Öldür Beni Sevgilim" ("Kill Me Darling") tells what happens when a couple wins the lottery during one of their wedding anniversaries.

Murat Boz and Seda Bakan star in the leading roles, while the film features Özgür Emre Yıldırım, Açelya Topaloğlu, Seda Güven, Yosi Mizrahi, Dilşad Şimşek and Ali Yoğurtçuoğlu, as well.


The animation of the week, "Tabaluga" is directed by Steven Unterwaldt Jr. The film revolves around the story of Dragon Tabaluga, the last of his dying breed, and the ice princess Lilli. They try to save the world and their friends from the evil snowman Arktos.

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