Turkish, Korean TV screens enriched by joint broadcasting

Published 21.06.2019 00:18

Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) Chairman Ebubekir Şahin signed an agreement on the joint use of television productions with Lee Hyo-Seong, the chairman of the Korean Communications Commission. Şahin visited Seoul, the capital of South Korea, for a series of events including the International Broadcasting Co-Production Conference. The first official meeting of the RTÜK delegation in Seoul was with the South Korean Communications Commission.

Şahin and Lee signed a memorandum of understanding on the joint use of radio and television productions and to increase cooperation between the two institutions.

Şahin noted during the meeting that he was pleased to be in South Korea, which he considers a sister country, and that they want to initiate the coproduction process immediately.

Stating that Turkey and Korea have similar societies that make sacrifices to develop relationships with each other, Şahin added that the Korean public and state have achieved great success under difficult conditions. "The technological products you have created by working hard and with due diligence are now all around the world. You do not just establish economic relations with technological products, but you also enhance the cultural exchange among nations. We, as Turkey, want to share our TV series and movies with the Republic of Korea. I believe in the power of series and movies. Sharing our productions will increase our cultural affinity," said Şahin.

Lee stressed that good relations between the two countries have been developing ever since the Korean War and that this affinity is an important gain both in terms of technological and cultural exchanges.

Noting that Turkey is a leading country in terms of the TV series industry and exports in the world, Lee added that Turkey is reaffirming its power seen in the Ottoman period through TV series and invited Turkey as the guest of honor at the next year's International Broadcasting Co-Production Conference.

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