Japanese passenger rescued from Tehran back in Turkey

Published 06.07.2019 00:23

Junichi Numata, one of 215 Japanese citizens who were brought to Turkey from Tehran during the Iran-Iraq War, is coming back in Turkey on July 9 for the film "Homecoming," a movie focusing on this historical event.

The premiere of the movie, performed by leading actors like Furkan Palalı, Megumi Masuki and Burhan Öçal, is on July 12 in Turkey and in October in Japan. Stating that he the film really takes him back, he added, "The film that triggered the declaration of Turkish year in Japan will serve as a bridge between the two countries."

Seventy-seven-year-old Numata went on to say: "The memory of what we went through is still so vivid. Any airway company didn't accept to take us from bombarded Tehran. Our hope was dwindling. Exactly at the moment when we lost our hopes, on March 19, 1985 around 2:30 p.m., we learned that Turkey would send an airplane to rescue us. I have no words to describe the happiness in that moment. Turkish Airlines took us from the middle of war to Istanbul. This story happened between Turkey and Japan, but it's an example for the whole humanity. Now this historical event is adapted to the silver screen with the film ‘Yuvaya Dönüş.' I've been so happy. I think the movie will draw great attention in Japan. Coming back again to this country for this movie makes me so happy and so touched at the same time."

Operation of the century

The countdown has started for the movie "Yuvaya Dönüş," which is based on the book "Escape from Tehran" by journalist Erdal Güven. Known as the "operation of the century" in both countries, the script was written by Fatih Özcan and Şeyda Delibaşı, produced by Macmedia and directed by Hakan Kurşun. The famous musician Kıraç produced the scores for the film.

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