9 movies out this week

Published 30.07.2019 00:15
9 movies out this week

'The Hummingbird Project'

Premiering at 43th Toronto Film Festival, "The Hummingbird Project" stars Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgard and Salma Hayek.

Written and directed by Kim Nguyen, the movie is about two New Yorker cousins trying to become billionaires by benefiting from a high-frequency trade that can take over all banking systems, mainly the stock exchange, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


Directed by Julien Leclercq, "The Bouncer," (in English) starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sami Bouajila, Sveva Alviti and Kevin Janssens, will meet audiences.

The thriller, written by Jeremie Guez, follows a man who works in nightclubs to look after his eight-year-old daughter and how he suddenly finds himself mixed up in events that threaten his daughter's life.


Known for his film "Hereditary," Ari Aster wrote and directed the movie "Midsommar," starring Florence Pugh, Will Poulter, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, Liv Mjönes, Julia Ragnarsson, Henrik Norlen and Anna Aström.

The horror-drama is set in an isolated town in Sweden during summer solstice celebrations, bringing to the screen the story of a young couple that soon evolves into a complicated series of events.


Directed by Iciar Bollain, "Yuli," a biographical musical production, is about the life of famous Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta and the story of an unwilling child becoming a dancer.

The film stars Carlos Acosta, Santiago Alfonso, Keyvin Martinez, Laura De la Uz, Yerlin Perez and Mario Elias.

'Curse of the Scarecrow'

Directed by Louisa Warren, the horror movie "The Curse of the Scarecrow," starring Kate Lister, Louisa Warren and Cassandra French, focuses on the story of a teenager who wants to unveil her parents' and brother's suicide.

'Cin: Aşk Büyüsü'

Battal Karslıoğlu's domestic horror movie "Cin: Aşk Büyüsü" ("Gin: A Love spell") is about a love spell cast by a man to win the heart of his girlfriend, which ends with devastating results.

Written by Karslıoğlu, the movie stars Soner Türker, Derya İpek, Ali Ertem, Murat Deniz, Ebru Şahin ve Zeynep Yılmaz.


Staring Aziz Özuysal, Müslüm Samancı, Ayça Çeçen, Mustafa Atalı, Berkan Erdoğan and Emel Sertel and Vecihi Ener's "Gaip" ("The Invisible") is another Turkish horror movie of the week.

'Feather Friends'

James Snider's animation "Feather Friends" describes the adventures of the fledgling Mooky and Kooky, admitted to the trendy feather club of the town.

'Little Hero'

Another animation of the week is the U.S. and Indonesian coproduction "Little Hero," directed by Jason J. Lewis. The film is about a young boy's quest to save his father from an ancient monster.

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