8 films debut this week

Published 17.09.2019 00:08
8 films debut this week

The Current War

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Shannon, Nicholas Hoult, Tom Holland, Katherine Waterston and Damien Molony, "The Current War" hits Turkish silver screen this week.

Cumberbatch plays Thomas Edison; Michael Shannon plays George Westinghouse while Nicholas Hoult plays Nikola Tesla in the film which depicts the fierce competition among the three greatest inventors of their period.

Taking place in the 1880s, it centers around the still-popular Edison-Tesla challenge and the current war between Edison and Westinghouse as Edison wanted to use direct current to distribute electricity, while Westinghouse wanted to bring alternative current from Europe to the U.S.

The Operative

Featuring Diane Kruger in the leading role, the film tells the story of an exposed agent, Rachel, who finds herself on a final mission.

Directed by Yuval Adler, the film also features Martin Freeman, Cas Anvar, Rotem Keinan Lana Ettinger.


Written and directed by Mike Gan, "Burn" centers on what happens when a woman takes matters into her own hands during an attempted robbery at the gas station where she works.

The thriller stars Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Suki Waterhouse, Josh Hutcherson, Harry Shum and Shiloh Fernandez.

3 Lives

Directed by Juliane Block, "3 Lives" tells the story of a young girl who realizes that one of the people helping her escape from kidnappers is actually a man who attacked her 15 years ago.

The script is written by Wolf-Peter Arand and the cast includes Mhairi Calvey, Anatole Taubman, Maja-Celine Probst, Victor Alfieri and Tyron Ricketts.


Written and directed by Nadav Lapid, "Synonymes" depicts the journey of Yoav, who finds a way to move to Paris from Israel. He wishes to erase his roots, to become French and to be buried in the Pere Lachaise graveyard but cannot escape from his dual identity.

Lapid won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival this year for this film.

A Tale of Three Sisters

With its world premiere at the 69th Berlin Film Festival, the film focuses on the events after three sisters, who were given up to foster families, return to their village.

Directed by Emin Alper, the film stars Cemre Ebuzziya, Ece Yüksel, Helin Kandemir, Müfit Kayacan and Kayhan Açikgöz.

Benjamin the Elephant

The animation directed by Tim Trachte, "Benjamin the Elephant" tells the story of a friendly and warmhearted elephant Benjamin and his best friend Otto.

Funny Pets

The other animation of the week, "Funny Pets," directed by Alex Sebastian, focuses on the story of a group of pets who return to their own lives after their humans leave.

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