Short film platform offers contest for new filmmakers

Published 13.10.2019 17:50
Updated 14.10.2019 00:47

The Shenema Short Film Platform, an event organized by the Festival Istanbul Culture and Art Association, is raising awareness on gender equality through the cinema and advertising sector in a time when visual perception is becoming ever more important.

While the platform is held with a different theme about women every year, this year's subject will focus on prejudices.

The event, which will take place from March 5-6, will feature three separate application platforms. The first is the Short Film Pitching Platform, which aims to increase the possibilities of short film production, make short film production an industry and draw attention to the importance of supporting films starting from the idea stage.

The Shoot and Bring in Two Minutes Contest is a project in which participants will get a chance to get recognition with their two-minute videos.

This February, the Shenema Short Film Platform will share the contest theme with applicants at an undisclosed time and date and ask participants to upload their videos of up to two minutes to the system within 48 hours.

Furthermore, the Research Scholarship Application Platform is intended to award scholarships to a few lucky participants who write the best doctoral theses on women.

The winners will be chosen after a careful evaluation by the Advisory Committee in accordance with the requirements of the Shenema Short Film Platform regulations.

Applications will be accepted from Oct. 7, 2019 to Dec. 21, 2019 at

Events will take place on March 5-6, 2020 and include a Short Film Project Training, a panel discussion titled "Prejudices" to be organized by the Turkish Women's Associations Federation and hosted by Chairwoman Canan Güllü, a panel discussion titled "Women Studies in Cinema" to be hosted by Galatasaray University and a panel discussion titled "Women in Cinema" hosted by WMC.

Among the other events are "Tell Your Story" under the moderation of the Short Film Directors Association, and "Corners of the Round," which will include one-on-one interviews where professionals from the film industry will meet with students who have previously applied for the study.

A jury of exciting names and other events will be announced in the upcoming days.

The main stakeholders of Shenema Short Film Platform include the STL3 Film and Distribution, the Advertisers Association, the Advertising Foundation, the Advertisers Association, Galatasaray University Media and the Turkish Federation of Women's Associations. Other stakeholders include Women with Cameras and the Association of Short Film Directors.

You can follow all the developments about the event, directed by Asu Sanem Kaya, STL3 Film and Distribution's general manager and one of the founders of Festiva Istanbul, at and on social media.

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