Eurasia's cure: A strong Turkey

Published 27.10.2017 20:36

The issue some countries and international structures rely on to regain predominance in the world's political economy, which is slipping away from their fingers, is instability in Eurasia. They believe that the way to prevent cooperation opportunities and projects to be carried out for inclusive development passes from poisoning these lands, thus increasing the unrest and from instability and threats by sending "lab"-manufactured terrorist groups to the region. Under the leadership of President Erdoğan, Turkey's strong structure puts cooperative opportunities on the agenda, and following the "united we stand divided we fall" principle, invites Eurasian countries to claim "right and justice" together. We demand a new world where not the strong, but the just, righteous and inclusive are right. Turkey long since has shown how sincere and successful it is in efforts and project capabilities with the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) and the D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation.

It is pity that some "clever" people from within ourselves underestimated the efforts of the late Turgut Özal and Necmettin Erbakan during that period saying, "Who is Turkey to..?" Today, on the other hand, the economic-politic level that President Erdoğan and his team brought Turkey to in its region and worldwide over the last 15 years points out how Turkey, if it attains the necessary dynamism, can extract added value from cooperative projects it leads and how an inclusive development model for Eurasia can be created. As President Erdoğan said at the D-8 Summit, when the organization was established, peace instead of war, dialogue instead of conflict, justice and development instead of double standards, equality instead of superiority, sharing instead of exploiting, human rights, freedom and democracy instead of pressure and tyranny were all envisaged.

Today, the once-hegemons that flounder against developing nations who create more value, thus hate the playmaker and inclusive Turkey that inspires its region and that is strong when one together. The Interexchange Room and the Project Support Fund President Erdoğan recommended at the D-8 Summit are important. Let's not forget that a one-together Turkey is the most effective cure for Eurasia at a time when Europe is under the threat of being separated into 100 pieces, from Catalonia to Scotland, from Italy's Lombardia and Veneto regions to the Flemish in Belgium, from Germany's Bavaria to France's Corsica.

Turkey brand gained strength

The Nation Brands study, in which brand values of countries are determined by the international brand evaluation organization Brand Finance, evaluates countries through their social values as well as their capacity to produce goods and services. Accordingly, there are 11 criteria in the sub-criteria for assessing the investment climate and performance of countries, from legal infrastructure to taxation, from ability to use technology to working conditions, and from level of education to creating and maintaining capabilities in work life. In the social values aspect, we see sensitivity to corruption, judicial system, security, national image, quality of life and corporate ethics criteria. As for the ability to produce goods and services, there are nine criteria, ranging from trade laws to government policies, and from competitive landscape to infrastructure. The 2017 report shows that the U.S. is the most valuable country brand with a value of $21.55 trillion. China, which is trying to establish its own brands instead of producing for the West, is in second place with a value of $10.2 trillion, an increase of 44 percent when compared to 2016. China is followed by Germany with a country brand value of $4.21 trillion.

Turkey, on the other hand, became the 24th most valuable country brand with a brand value of $570 million. Turkey, which was 26th on the list last year, has increased its brand value by 20 percent and advanced by two places. It is interesting that countries such as India, Mexico, Russia, Brazil and Indonesia have a higher brand value than Turkey. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia are just above Turkey. The brand value of Norway, Belgium, Malaysia, Austria, Singapore, Finland, Israel and Qatar is below Turkey.

It is important that the report, by also mentioning Turkey's branding program, speaks of the Turkish government's investments in research and development (R&D), innovation, design and branding to increase exports and global competitive power to reach its targets. The work aims to increase countries' awareness in branding. Also, it is mentioned in the report that the aim is to increase wealth and reputation of countries by contributing to the country brand with goods and services produced.

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