Globalist lobby's war on Trump poisons Turkey-US ties

Published 03.11.2019 19:07
Updated 20.12.2019 01:25

Turkish-U.S. relations have gone through some severe tests over the course of both countries' diplomatic relations since the 1950s, oft-times leading to panic that relations would never return to normal. However, it seems that the two bills approved by the U.S. House of Representatives via a rather high majority vote have had the effect of throwing a oil onto the fire, bringing bilateral relations to a historical impasse. It has been rare, in recent times, to see this level of Republican and Democratic Party cooperation, right down to the fact of having held the vote on Oct. 29, a national holiday in Turkey celebrating the Republic's 96th year. That said, it is fair to say that U.S. policymakers have been seriously irked by the swiftness of Turkey's decisive action south of the border.

The U.S. Senate is now confronted with a historic task. If two-thirds of the Senate acts in support of these two decisions by the House of Representatives, the situation will only deteriorate further. If, as a result, American politicians begin to look for the removal of Turkey from the NATO alliance, then this will not just end an invaluable and irreplaceable strategic partnership for the U.S. in Eurasia; but also, only work to accelerate the rapprochement between Turkey and Russia.

Alternatively, the Senate can reject the bills, thereby restoring political sanity to the situation and resuming the U.S.' long-standing partnership with Turkey on security and defense, bolstering economic ties that account for a trade volume of $100 billion and forging a path of relations based on mutual benefit for both nations. The U.S. is approaching a point beyond repair with regards to its relations with Turkey and its position in Eurasia due to the globalist mentality which has held Washington captive for over 30 years and dragged diplomatic relations through the mud.

The United States is entering a challenging period of its history. The country's population is on the cusp of 327 million, many of whom live in increased poverty thanks to the dissolution of the country's middle class, SMEs up and down the country are struggling to survive, while there is further trouble from outdated infrastructure, and moreover, natural disasters whose severity and destructiveness are ever-increasing while energy companies block information on their underlying causes.

U.S. President Donald Trump, reading the situation well, seeks to reassume the resources drained by the globalist war machine in order to invest in solutions to such domestic challenges. The globalist lobby’s war against President Trump carries the risk of poisoning Turkey-US relations. Let's hope that sanity prevails in this endeavor.

Toward a stronger future

The dawn of the 20th century saw a transition from the first to the second Industrial Revolution, in which the center of gravity of the global political economy shifted ever more rapidly from the Asia-Pacific region to the Atlantic.

A century on, with the global center of gravity this time shifting from the West to the East, Turkey's geopolitical importance as an actor actively contributing to this shift, give the country indisputable prominence.

Over the course of the demise of the Ottoman Empire, this country suffered a great humanitarian and governmental challenge affecting both politics and society. From 1821 onward, European states worked to close in on a multi-ethnic empire spanning swathes of humanity for centuries and leaving the Turkish people with a rump state in the middle of Anatolia while they could exploit the former empire's rich stockpile of resources.

This bloody mission was reversed in the War of Independence embarked upon by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades-in-arms, whose deeds are famed far and wide beyond Turkey's borders.

Over the course of the 96 years since the Republic of Turkey's inception, the country's national will, sovereignty, and unity have been subject to some significant trials, and to plots by various countries and global structures.

Fortunately, we have emerged from this difficult period by with our national will defiant and our unity and sense of solidarity intact.

Today, as we confidently move toward the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we have already established a multi-layered, multi-faceted regional and global diplomacy network based on the principle of mutual benefit and with the understanding of inclusive development as the playmaker country of Eurasia. It is upon this basis that we continue to sign important decisions and agreements with the global powers within the scope of the modern political economy and global diplomacy, actively shaping the future of our region.

With our National Will emboldened, Turkey will continue to constitute one of the top-10 most influential countries of the 21st century.

We emerge from every struggle with new lessons, fresh experience, and a sense of obligation that inspires and encourages dozens of countries in our region. As long as our unity and solidarity remain intact, our national will and sovereignty will continue to guarantee our independence and the core of our character.

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