Intervention in Syria and black propaganda

Published 30.08.2016 01:25

Turkey launched a military operation in Syria and negative comments poured in immediately. The most popular claim is that Turkey is fighting the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and not DAESH.

First of all, we must emphasize that only Syria and Iraq have suffered at the hands of DAESH more than Turkey. It is simply illogical to say that Turkey does not want to fight DAESH. Then we must remember that an anti-DAESH coalition exists and it includes the United States and a number of Western countries. Turkey is part of this coalition, as well. So Turkey is fighting DAESH as much as the U.S., Germany and France are.

Moreover, Western powers have always pushed others to fight their battles for them, keeping their soldiers away from the battlefield.

Turkey and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are now attacking DAESH inside Syria, together. Western troops are once again nowhere to be seen, yet Western media keeps criticizing Turkey.

It does not take an expert to understand that the criticism is aimed at protecting the PYD's interests. One wonders, what the real purpose of the anti-DAESH coalition is: To eradicate this particular organization or to assist Syrian Kurds while they construct their own state?

The U.S. has announced several times that it does not support the idea of an independent Kurdish state in northern Syria, and Russia, too, keeps saying that it wants to maintain Syria's territorial integrity. If these two aren't lying, then there must be a huge gap between them and the rest of the anti-DAESH coalition members.

Is it stupid to think that Turkey will seriously suffer if Syria falls apart and if a Kurdish state emerges in its northern provinces? Is there a country incapable of calculating that risk?

Turkey is clearly and simply opposed to the following: It does not want third players to use the struggle against DAESH as an instrument to create a Kurdish state in Syria's territory. That is why Ankara is always reminding everyone that the struggle is not only against DAESH, but also against the PYD and the PKK. Yet Western media claims that Turkish forces are using violence against the civilian population in Syria.

One wonders if all the Syrians who died before the Turkish intervention were soldiers. One wonders if all those who were killed at the hands of the Bashar Assad regime, the Russian warplanes, the PYD, DAESH or coalition forces were soldiers. All those people who have left their homes and fled their country, were they all soldiers? Let's ask a different question: Do DAESH and PYD militants look like soldiers in a regular army or do they look like ordinary people carrying guns?

It is wonderful to know that Western media journalists are capable of telling who, in Syria, is a civilian and who is a soldier. Maybe they have never heard of terrorism before. Or, maybe they expect Turkey to destroy DAESH and then, they hope the PYD will "take care of" Turkey.

Why would Turkey accept all this?

It appears some people have promised "freedom" to the Syrian Kurds and in the meantime they are conveying death threats to DAESH, pushing it to react. But we do not see any promises being given to Turkey. So why would this country take any more risks?

No one is promising anything good for Turkey or offering a perspective for its future; but everyone is asking it to jeopardize its social peace and territorial integrity, which is always one of the most sensitive issues for Turkish people and thus, no one can frighten them about it.

If the worst case scenario happens, those who have written it will not benefit from the new situation, but their rivals will. So maybe it is time to talk about carrots, not sticks.

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