This process is the Nazification of Israel

Published 23.07.2014 00:31

Israel is atrociously attacking Gaza and in doing so violating all international humanitarian laws. This process can be called "the Nazification of Israel," which is an important concept worth stressing. The fact that a society is the victim of fascistic Nazism does not prevent them suffering from Nazification and Israel is a clear embodiment of this reality.

Israel's economy of terrorism relies heavily on brutal colonization, global capital inflow and war. Just like the economy of Nazi Germany before World War II, Israel's economy also resorts to war and violence anytime it runs into trouble. There are two main economic reasons for the rise of Nazism in Germany:

The first one is that, in addition to a market problem, Germany did not have big colonies like other European countries. The second is that it had trouble reaching energy resources. Thus, Hitler and his Nazi economy came to power to manage German economic capital and tackle these problems.

Similarly, the main reason why Israel is undergoing Nazification today is due to the same problems. Nowadays, Israel wants to access energy resources and exit closed war economy just as the Nazi economy. There are two ways for Israel to achieve these two targets: firstly to do what Iran does today, in other words, to open its economy gradually and to accept a new integration that is based on peace. It should also give back the rights of Palestinians and start to withdraw from Palestinian territory.

The second is the Nazification as it applies today. Nazification means expansion of the nation state through war. In this sense, Nazification, at the same time, is clearly racism. Unfortunately, today Israel has undergone a process of Nazification, which means you must start killing those who are not from your nation but live in the same geography as you. This is Palestinian people for Israel. Paradoxically enough, it was the Jews for Nazi Germany. Then you inevitably attack "the others." This is like the action of a serial killer who, after killing once, knows no boundaries.

Nazification can only be ended if its initiator is removed. It seems that unless Israel's Nazi government and the Likud Party are eliminated, Israel's Nazification will not stop. Well, what is the primary objective of Israeli Nazism? During a talk show with Charlie Rose last year, Benjamin Netanyahu said, "Our problem is no longer with Palestine, but with Iran. If Iran stops supporting such organizations as Hezbollah firing rockets on us, we will pull out of the Palestinian territory that we have been occupying. We occupy residential districts of Palestinians for our security."

It is obvious that Israel's Nazism does not target Palestinian people and their state that they have almost cleared away. Perhaps, it is not Iran as Netanyahu claimed last year, as Iran is heading toward reconciliation and a new integration with the West under Rouhani. It rather aims to reach energy resources and take control of the markets of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Levant. At this very point, a clash between Israel and Turkey is inevitable. But what is the economic impetus behind Israel's aggressive policy and what is its implication in Turkey?

First of all, I must say that the military coup in Egypt and the Israeli offensive are complements to each other. Israel wants to cut economic relations between Gaza and the Levant, including Egypt. Aside from this, the primary purpose of Israel is to hamper the energy agreements between Turkey and the KRG as well as Turkey's assuming dominance in the region by supporting KRG's independency. Actually, Israel aims to achieve the following three things:

1. To put Turkey at odds with the West and to destabilize the entire region beginning with Gaza. This instability will spread to the KRG, Iraq and finally Turkey.

2. To cleanse Palestinians from Gaza and prevent Turkey from accessing Levantine resources and the Mediterranean trade routes. It wants to come to the table with Turkey in a more advantageous situation in order to undermine Turkey's request for lifting the blockade in Gaza.

3. To cause a contention between Erdoğan and the West and particularly the U.S. and clear the way for the Gülen Movement that has an aversion to the Obama administration.

Today, the Gülen Movement is the snake in the grass both for Turkey and the U.S., as they secretly support the Russia-originated terror organizations in Caucasia. At this point, the Tea Party circles and warmongering Republican sections in the U.S. support the Gülen Movement which is more dangerous than the armed Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS).

The ultimate purpose of Israel's Nazismis to clear away Erdoğan and his cronies. Israel wants to come to the table with a Turkey that cannot advocate for Gaza and does not have a claim in Mosul, Kirkuk, the Caspian region and the Mediterranean. It yearns to see a Turkey which is content with U.S. politics in the region. We should not forget that this strategy may nourish Russia's expansionist policy and terror organizations in the Middle East and Caucasia by creating terrorist countries and dictatorships.

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