Merkel harms both Germany and EU!

Published 17.08.2017 23:45

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a rather unfortunate statement this week about the Customs Union. It seems that Germany will use the Customs Union update between the EU and Turkey as a weapon. But the very next day following Merkel's statements, Turkey's European Union Minister Ömer Çelik said, "It is an unfortunate explanation. It is necessary to underscore that a European country should not give instructions to the EU. It is a statement that will create a weakness for the EU, made by those who want to weaken the union. Turkey may have problems with the EU members. But these problems should not be reduced to the countries themselves. It causes a change in the genetics of the union. The EU commission should not allow the problem between Turkey and Germany to reflect on the European Union. This is contrary to the basic mechanism of the EU. The Customs Union is not something we want unilaterally anyway. This is about increasing free trade. The Customs Union update is treated like a prize and a favor to Turkey. We are willing to continue if this progresses advances within a win-win framework. We will execute the decisions taken by our Cabinet of Ministers concerning this Customs Union issue attended by our Ministry of Economy. We are not in a hurry regarding the Customs Union. This was supposed to accelerate."

What Ömer Çelik now says is, in all respects, a statement that will put Germany in a difficult situation. Germany cannot make statements on behalf of the EU, disregarding the EU institutions. Germany cannot take its internal affairs to EU platforms. It's only one side of it. The second aspect of this matter, on the other hand, is that the Customs Union is a win-win process for both the EU and Turkey, which has been observed since 1996. Setting aside the Customs Union update, even if Turkey exits from the Customs Union, it will be at the expense of Germany rather than Turkey.

If Turkey is out of the Customs Union, most of the German firms that invest in Turkey will be harmed. Merkel should look around first before making statements. A country like Germany cannot be ruled out with such ranting. Germany should stop hiding Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) members and take the U.K. as an example here.

Britain is undergoing the Brexit process and must make several special Customs Union agreements with Turkey. In fact, if Turkey exits from the Customs Union, it will make special Customs Union agreements with many more countries, emerging from this situation with profit. In this sense, Merkel is trying to sink Germany. In this case, German-based global companies must oppose Merkel's irrational policy. They should keep in mind that they are not guests in Turkey, but hosts. And they will be more comfortable here than Germany. For example, a consortium led by a German company won the recent wind power contract. Turkey is, in this regard, a much safer country than Germany.

In conclusion, we can say that by doing so, Merkel encourages racism, leaves Germany alone and harms German companies and the German people. It is also a noteworthy and very important achievement that Turkey and Britain oppose this racist approach in unison. We highlight this historical approach with great importance.

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