We all need an emergency exit

Published 13.06.2016 23:36

The Orlando attack is a terrorism that only deepens the already existent hatred and fear in a society and is a terrible, vicious circle, consolidating the disgusting rhetoric of fascist and racist parties and leaders

There is a terrible wave of xenophobia, racism and fascism slowly but steadily breaking on all societies and countries around the world. With intolerance turning into hatred, violence and despair has created a new form of instability realized in isolated terrorist attacks.As a matter of fact, these isolated suicidal acts of terror form a coherent system. Their reference is always a radical reaction. The reaction can be against the corrupt society and can be motivated by homophobia, like in the very recent case of the massacre in Orlando. It can refer to Islam to punish either imperialistic Christian countries' populations or treacherous Muslims. They can also target a given population and its representatives or a state. PKK terrorism basically targets anything and anybody representing the Republic of Turkey.

The common denominator is that such terrorist attacks are not the deed of large, well-established organizations. Terrorist organizations exist, and their roots can go very deep in the societies they are in. But at no time in human history has such a diffuse nebula of terrorist groups existed around almost the entire planet. From the Americas to Africa, from the Indian sub-continent to developed European countries, no country is immune to this kind of blind terrorism that can happen anywhere and at any time.

Our modern societies deepen the alienation of large parts of society. Individuals, who feel totally rejected by an over-performing professional and social life, increasingly tend to become desperate and feel ostracized in society. They then find a scapegoat for their misery. This is anything they see as the main reason for their personal failure.

Globalization continues to bring to our living rooms the misery and inhumane treatment of defenseless civilians in a growing number of countries. Alongside failed states, there are entire regions of the world that have been left to the mercy of armed gangs and forces because dominant countries are reluctant to engage in wars that would be costly in terms of finances and human lives for their armed forces. Syria is the best example, but other examples abound, unfortunately.

In the bipolar world, when the Soviet Union existed, it was rather easy to offer a societal model to the people, mostly by vilifying the alternative model. The Soviet Union was the evil empire for the U.S., as coined by then President Ronald Reagan, and the U.S. was seen as the climax of imperialism and capitalistic exploitation of the masses by the Soviet Union. The Chinese Communist Party sent both super powers back-to-back qualifying both of them as imperialists or social fascists. But ultimately, a country would side with one of the camps, to some degree.

There is no valid societal model to be offered to large populations today. European integration played this role for a certain time, but it fell victim to nation-state greed and neoliberal thinking. It has ceased to be a vibrant model of democracy and transparency and, more importantly, it has ceased to be economically attractive. Great Britain is preparing for a referendum to decide whether or not to stay in the EU. As improbable as it seems, a Brexit would be a historic move by a big economy to leave the EU decision-making system for good. That might be the death knell of the idea of a unified Europe.

Anybody today who can find an internet connection can contact a peripheral terrorist hub and can be franchised to foment terrorism, bombings, killings, hostage taking or anything else. The U.S. citizen who killed 50 people in Orlando in cold blood wanted to commit his terrible deed in the name of DAESH. The organization did not know him, but all he had to do was send an email to get their "benediction" to perpetrate a horrible massacre on their behalf. That is a kind of terrorism nobody and no security system can detect beforehand.

Obviously, such kinds of terrorism only deepen the already existent hatred and fear in a society. This is a terrible, vicious circle, consolidating the disgusting rhetoric of fascist and racist parties and leaders. We need an emergency exit from this very alarming situation; an alternative policy, a more participative system, a world order that does not leave aside entire countries and regions. For the time being, nothing tangible is in sight unfortunately.

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