The AK Party, the constitution and the presidential election

Published 26.07.2014 01:10

While we are getting closer and closer to the inevitable result of the presidential elections, absurd assertions for slamming the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) are increasing by the minute. One of the most popular ones is the claim that the AK Party is insisting on the presidential system, which it is preventing the new constitution from being passed. Since many people just repeat others, they believe this assertion to be true. But there must be others who follow political developments and facts. However, those who are aware of the facts, who repeat this cliche need to explain.

Apparently, it is no longer enough to just criticize the attitude and actions of AK Party. The prime minister's discriminative and strong language, the intervention of the government into the judiciary is in violation of the system of checks and balances and prevention of the corruption cases filed against previous ministers form a strong ground to criticize the government. In other words, anti-AK Party circles do not need any other false claims to attack the party, but there are still many groundless lies going on around.

The main reason for this is that such wrong attitudes and acts were "tested" at the local elections on March 30. The public went to the ballot-box aware of all these mistakes, but again the AK Party received 45 percent of the vote. Conservative voters did not believe that the attitude and certain acts of the AK Party were correct, to the contrary, half of AK Party supporters knew the criticism was correct, and another 20 percent admitted that some mistakes were made. However, although conservatives face with such negative picture, they were aware of the fact that there is a threat against AK Party. They also thought that this threat jeopardizes their future. They still believe so. Therefore, it is not possible to win their votes with this argument alone.

The anti-AK Party circles need knew arguments. However, the Republican People's Party (CHP) and Nationalist Movement Party's (MHP) joint candidate, Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, does not have anything to offer the future. Therefore, they need to assert that Erdoğan's vision for the future is a lie. On the other hand, when Erdoğan's vision document is examined, all changes, amendments, developments and reforms suggested are shaped around the new constitution. Therefore, the only way to attack the AK Party is to assert that a new constitution will not pass or will be passed only to implement the presidential system. In order to support this claim, it is asserted that the AK Party did not want a new constitution in the past and the idea of passing a new constitution is being forced to implement the presidential system.

However, the AK Party did not suggest the presidential system, not in the past and not now. It is impossible for all the members to support the idea either. However, Erdoğan and the people close to him do want it and they are prepared to ensure that such a transformation is not going to be challenging for Turkey and will be a gradual one. During the discussions of the constitution committee, the AK Party announced that they will withdraw their offer if the three opposition parties can reach an agreement, however, the three parties couldn't agree on remaining with the parliamentary system.

The assertion that the AK Party does not want a new constitution can only be claimed by people who are unaware of the dynamics of Turkish politics. The truth is, in order to secure the party's position, to eliminate the threats and consolidate the circles to meet in the middle, a new constitution is required as soon as possible. The presidential system will come second. However, if the opposition continues with this attitude and Erdoğan wins in the first round of voting with 55 percent, everyone should know that Turkey will soon be governed by a presidential system.

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