What's going on in Raqqa?

Published 04.06.2017 22:59

The current developments in Raqqa have proven Turkey's thesis right: The U.S.'s decision to cooperate with the PYD terrorists was a fatal mistake

According to U.S. Secretary of Defense James "Mad Dog" Mattis, the PKK-derivative terrorists in Iraq are now accelerating their fight with Daesh terrorists and they will use their "annihilation tactics."

The PKK honchos know the annihilation tactics very well. They have annihilated thousands of Kurdish men, women and children for the last 36 years in Turkey. They do it by village raids. If they cannot get active support of the rural Kurdish population, who are mostly peasants, they kill the entire village. In his book, the PKK's imprisoned leader Abdullah Öcalan, calls it "revolutionary forceful tactics."

Since the U.S. delivered heavy armaments to these terrorists, assuming that they will act as their allies in the fight against Daesh, the civilian casualties around Raqqa city have increased. Over the last weekend, news sources reported many new civilian deaths, which are not accidental or unintended results of a legitimate fight.

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its armed wing the People's Protection Units (YPG) are killing the non-Kurdish folk there on purpose. It is called ethnic cleansing. Raqqa and its environs are populated by Arabs and Turkmens, but the PYD needs Raqqa registered as a Kurdish area after the war, so that their so-called flimsy cantons along the Turkish border could gain depth and their neocon masters in Pentagon can defend these areas as Kurdish homeland.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis knows this plan because he helped Pentagon's civilian advisers develop it when he was in charge of the U.S. forces in Iraq. When those civilians put this century-old plan called "safer route for the pipeline" He did not object to it then, nor does he object to it now.

It is now called "Taming the Turks, Plan B."

There also seems to be a Plan C, which is called the "Sunni Coalition." Trump – or his son-in-law and Chief Adviser Jared Kushner – and Netanyahu developed it.

In their delusional state of mind, Trump and Netanyahu are dreaming that 10 Muslim countries would get together and create a Sunni force and in Trump's words "confront Iranian aggression and fight extremism."

So far no Sunni soldier has run to the headquarters of this force to get enlisted. Some countries rejected the idea from the very first day. Even if it is logistically possible, there is no plausible timeline to bring such an army to fight Daesh, that is the present and clear extremism in the area now.

Meanwhile, according to Israeli sources, the U.S. is secretly and indirectly talking to Daesh so its militants would leave the Raqqa area without a fight. Also according to the same sources, the U.S. wants to dispense with its Syrian terrorist partners as soon as possible so that it can mend its relations with Turkey.

The U.S. forces have been training and equipping the PKK-derivatives for so long a time that even the laziest Daesh terrorist must be on the run by now. Russian forces have also been observing safe passage corridors from Raqqa to further south. Daesh has already been known for magically disappearing in front of YPG/PYD terrorists.

As it appears Mattis is using his "Mad Dog" tactics again and this time the whole world is on his tails!

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