DAESH's raison d'etre

Published 12.05.2016 22:55

The aspiration of the Syrian people for a better future in a free and democratic country is currently losing against ongoing Western colonial culture.

Today Russia, Iran and Hezbollah have a de facto military existence in Syria. DAESH rules certain parts of Syria while the Democratic Union Party (PYD), i.e., the Syrian version of the PKK, is supported by the United States and Russia alike.

What is DAESH?

During the Syrian civil war, toward which the United States responded hesitantly, the American public has constantly been told by certain political leaders that if the Syrian regime falls, al-Qaida will come to power in Syria. Yet, when various forces of the Syrian civil war are taken into account, al-Qaida has no respectable position to enforce itself. During the beginning of the Syrian opposition movement against Bashar Assad, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) seemed to be the true candidate for political leadership in the upcoming post-Assad period.

DAESH almost came out of nowhere and rapidly acquired vast territory in Iraq and Syria thanks to the support of the Western press. Through billions of dollars, infinite armaments and unprecedented media support, a specter emerged that resembles no one in the history of Islam.

We know through the Afghan experience that if an organization can ensure the Western support, it will acquire supporters from all around the world. Yet, the FSA constitutes the only national, legitimate and indigenous form of the Syrian opposition movement. At this point, it is curious how DAESH and not the FSA could have acquired such an immense number of new participants.

Of course, the massacres that were realized by al-Qaida as an American product, and the Shiite militias, which are directly supported by Iran, along with the Shiite oppression of Sunnis, have created a frantic Sunni rage. Such a rage had to find an outlet to express and represent itself. In every decade, the world order produces a new specter to defame Islam. This time DAESH won the lottery.

Such a terrorist organization, which continues to use outrageous methods of war, can by no means be legitimized by religion and religious thought. Instead, DAESH was established, or is supported likely by Israel and the West, to maintain the devastation of Muslim countries.

DAESH's outrageous crimes include:

- Beheading people

Burning people alive

Female genital mutilation

Children beheading people

Demolishing historical sites

Beheading journalists from all around the world

Slaughtering people in Istanbul, Paris and Brussels.

While states spend millions of dollars finding a place in the world media, DAESH continues to spread fear and terror through horrible videos, which are as professionally made as those in Hollywood.

DAESH, which is used by the United States to cover their hesitancy and incapacity in Syria, now wages war against Turkey. Turkey has been accused of supporting murderers for a long time. Therefore, one wonders if the latent powers behind the DEASH specter will eventually expose themselves. It is in this respect curious that the United States has declared that the war against DAESH will last at least 20 years.

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