A year that will be crucial for the future of Turkey

Published 01.01.2015 01:32

We have just put behind us a year that was generally a period of struggle and hardship for our country. We successfully held two important elections that all turned into a referendum for the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who won them both with impressive victories.

At the end of the day we saw that the activities of the Gülen Movement did in fact do much harm to the security and justice system of the country and that it still can use its giant public relations apparatus successfully against the government. But we also saw that the movement seriously lacks popular support among the Turkish people. Both elections showed this as they failed to make any impact as Erdoğan won landslide victories both in the local polls and the presidential election.

Now we have entered a year that will be a period when the Turkish people will be asked to make important decisions. Are we going to preserve the status quo or are we going to revamp our political system and state structure to be able to facilitate a more modern executive system that borders on a presidential system and also create the conditions of coexistence for the various ethnic groups led by Turks and Kurds?

The reconciliation process between Turks and Kurds is progressing on course despite incredible hurdles put before it by its internal and external adversaries. However, for this process to be concluded in a satisfactory manner we need to amend our laws and, above all, we need to write a new constitution that will set the conditions of coexistence. That cannot be done with the current composition of Parliament as the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has a good majority, but it does not have the absolute strength required to amend or rewrite the Constitution.

The ruling AK Party will seek a mandate from voters to write a new constitution that will be crucial for the future of the country in all aspects. This will be the key issue in the 2015 June parliamentary elections. The people will also decide if they want to help Erdoğan achieve his presidential system and thus revolutionize Turkey's executive system.

2015 will also be the year when Turks will set out to chart the universal divine rules and morals of coexistence of people from different faiths. This is crucial for the future of world peace where Muslims, Christians, Jews and Buddhists agree to disagree and set the conditions of living together side by side in peace and harmony in various societies like our beloved Prophet Muhammad commanded us. This will also be the greatest antidote for radical movements like the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS).

Turks have completed 2014 knowing that they are among the few people in the world that still entertain feelings of compassion, tolerance, mercy and affection for fellow human beings. The government spent $5 billion from their pockets to host about 1.5 million refugees from Syria under the best conditions possible as the world looked on. That makes us all proud to be members of such a charitable, honorable and kindhearted nation. We have set an example for the whole world and we should be proud that we can still keep our heads high in a world where lust for money, passion for power and selfishness is a norm.

Happy New Year dear readers.

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