Will those plotting to topple Erdoğan go free?

Published 22.04.2016 02:09

The notorious Ergenekon case, which has been going on for nearly nine years, has taken a new twist as the Supreme Court of Appeals overturned all convictions saying the case, which was claimed to be a trial of a terrorist organization, was wrong and that the evidence against the defendants was collected illegally.

It is true that those who launched the Ergenekon case were not really after those who wanted to overthrow the government in 2004, but were trying to seek revenge against the military, which had suppressed them and victimized them in the late 1990s.

At the time, despite the fact that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was in power, the military dominance in Turkish politics continued until 2007 when these forces ganged up again to put an end to Erdoğan's rule but failed and the parliamentary elections gave Erdoğan a landslide victory effectively ending the role of the military in Turkish politics.

Those who wanted to topple the elected governments of the past should be held accountable. Those military personalities and civilians who were a part of all these crimes have to be brought to justice. This is not a form of revenge but it is to show that from now on those who try to topple an elected government that represents the will of the Turkish people will not get away with what they have done.

Of course, the Ergenekon trials were a sham because the prosecutors, judges and policemen closely affiliated to the Gülen organization were not really interested in whether justice was served. All they wanted was revenge, and thus to strengthen their case, they apparently fabricated evidence, were involved in all sorts of irregularities and imprisoned several valuable personalities like the world famous surgeon Prof. Mehmet Haberal and businessman Sinan Aygün, who had nothing to do with coups.

So it is only normal that the Supreme Court of Appeals ruled that the indictments that Ergenekon was a terrorist organization were wrong. It is also normal that the Supreme Court ruled that the evidence presented was illegally obtained, false and fabricated.

However, there is also the fact that some people both in the military and among the civilians were involved in a plot to end Erdoğan's rule in its prime... Why? Because they felt that Erdoğan was the leader of the silent masses with religious sensitivities and that these masses who represent about 70 percent of the nation should not rule, but rather be ruled by a secularist elite.

Those who want the minority elite to run Turkey instead of those who reflect the will of the people are still at work. They still oppose Erdoğan and they still want to topple him and are openly inviting the Americans to join forces with them. That is why we have to get to the bottom of the Ergenekon case and bring out the realities without the distortions created by the Gülen Movement. Then we can safely say the days of coups and military interventions in Turkish politics and democracy are over.

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