US courting HDP, what a great surprise!

Published 27.04.2016 01:59
Updated 27.04.2016 02:12

Kurdish nationalist Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş will be traveling to the United States to meet "high level" American officials in Washington with the aim of reviving the reconciliation process between Ankara and the militant Kurds.

Even the suggestion that the Americans are prepared to welcome Demirtaş, who has the blood of so many people on his hands, comes as no surprise to us. The Americans have always had contact with the PKK and are knowingly or unknowingly supplying arms to the PKK through the Syrian Kurdish militants. On Monday in an interview with the BBC, PKK terrorist leader Cemil Bayık said they are in contact with the U.S. and Washington did not deny this. So the Americans seem to be displaying insincerity talking to the PKK while they put it on the list of terrorist organizations.

Demirtaş has unfortunately proven that his HDP is a political extension of the PKK and is bent on supporting the secessionist campaign of the terrorist organization.

The fact that he is rushing to Washington to seek American intervention to halt the Turkish security operations against the PKK, which has proven extremely successful and is currently finishing off the terrorist apparatus inside Turkey, shows that the HDP is desperate to rescue the PKK. He did this recently by rushing off to Europe to convince the European Union leaders to put pressure on Turkey to halt the security operations.

Well, he is too late. He should have never encouraged the PKK rebellion that started eight months ago. He should have never played the king maker as he drove the Kurds into the streets to create public disorder. He should have never supported the PKK terrorists who were trying to create separatist Kurdish enclaves in southeastern Turkey. He should have never sent his deputies to the funerals of terrorists or to the condolence house of a PKK suicide bomber who claimed the lives of dozens of innocent civilians at a bus stop in Ankara recently. On the contrary, he should have condemned the PKK for resuming its secessionist terrorist campaign instead of applauding them for their "justified resistance."

There is much he should not have done and much he should have done. That is the difference between a statesman and a loser. So when he rushes off to Washington, people in Turkey will once again question whether the Americans are really our allies, let alone our so-called strategic partners. People here have deep distrust for the Americans since the First Gulf War and feel they have always supported the PKK on the sidelines while they pretended to cooperate with the government in the fight against terrorism.

The actions and statements of some of our American friends only pour fuel on the fire. When the American ambassador in Ankara talks about the Armenian genocide, when he supports people involved in anti-Turkish espionage, the ordinary Turk, of course, simply questions the relationship between Ankara and Washington.

This week, Parliament will take the firsts steps to lifting the immunities of deputies who are being investigated on various charges. The HDP deputies who are accused of being a part of the PKK set up may soon face court cases. If Demirtaş thinks he can avoid prosecution by seeking help from Washington, he is very mistaken.

He or anyone in the PKK will no longer be taken seriously in any form when Ankara revives the peace and reconciliation process, yet that will only be after the PKK is wiped out from Turkey.

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