PYD cutting deal with Daesh, not fighting it

Published 02.06.2017 00:07

The PKK-affiliated terrorist militants in Syria who are being used by the United States as a fighting force against Daesh militants are in fact not as interested in finishing off this radical movement as they are interested in grabbing land from them when Daesh withdraws its forces deeper south into Syria.

News has come in that the terrorists in Syria calling themselves the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and their military wing the People's Protection Units (YPG) are in fact cutting a deal with the Daesh extremists, allowing them safe passage out of Raqqa and pushing them further into the southern parts of Syria controlled by the Assad regime.

So the claims by Washington that they recruited the PYD/YPG terrorist forces and used them in the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to finish off Daesh in Raqqa is not true. The PYD, the YPG and their PKK terrorist masters are willing to help Daesh survive and are not so interested in annihilating them in Raqqa.

This raises the question: Is the U.S. sincere in its claims that it wants to finish off Daesh or are they being taken for a ride by the PYD, YPG and PKK? Has the U.S. approved the PYD and YPG's move to let the Daesh militants leave Raqqa?

If they are not a part of this plot then the U.S. has to understand that the PYD/YPG terrorists are clearly fooling them and have no intention of destroying Daesh in Syria.

Is that a surprise to anyone? The terrorists in Syria, who were oppressed by successive Assad regimes in Syria and denied even the rights of an ordinary citizen, cut a deal with the regime and took over land in northwestern Syria, installing the PYD, YPG and the PKK, who are a menace to Turkey. Assad's idea was to take revenge against Turkey, which had turned its back on the Damascus regime by installing the PKK in its border areas. It is the PKK that has been fighting a secessionist terrorist war against Turkey for the past three decades - if anyone wants to question this statement then they should explain to us why Assad still operates a civilian airport near the border town of Qamishli and daily flights are carried out from this airport to Damascus and Beirut in the heart of the areas controlled by the PYD.

The PYD/YPG terrorists are capable of making deals with everyone in the mess created in Syria. So is the U.S. part of this mess?

Why are the PYD/YPG terrorists so eager to fight for the U.S. in northwestern Syria? The answer lies with the terrorists' aspirations to create cantons along the Turkish border, join these cantons and set up a mini-state in the north of Syria. The terrorists feel that if they act as the "good terrorists of the U.S." they will be granted the right by Washington to create their pocket state in the region.

The U.S. claims it supports the territorial integrity of Syria and says a terrorist state is unacceptable. If this is true then that leaves the PYD/YPG militants empty-handed, and they may well now be saying, "Why are we sacrificing all these young lives if we cannot get a state in return?" So seeing this, the PYD/YPG terrorists may well have decided to cut their losses and seek a deal with Daesh.

Of course this is bad news for the Assad regime as Daesh militants are being pushed further and deeper into areas neighboring the regime forces; that in return is a cause of concern for the Russians. That is why the news that Daesh and the PYD/YPG struck a deal came out of Moscow.

The Turkish National Security Council on Wednesday night declared in a statement that the policy of supporting the PKK, PYD and YPG while disregarding Turkey's expectations are not befitting of a friendship and alliance. That was a direct message to the U.S. that allies and friends do not cooperate with terrorists that are bent on destroying Turkey. However, that has already been said directly to U.S. President Donald Trump when President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met him in Washington recently. Now with the new developments, it is up to Ankara to act.

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