Will the Germans allow protesters near Erdoğan?

Published 28.06.2017 01:02

Germany should tread carefully so it does not cause another crisis with Turkey by not allowing Erdoğan's bodyguards to be with him during the G-20 summit

Germany has said it will not allow the bodyguards of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who were involved in the brawl with protesters in Washington, to come to Hamburg for the G-20 summit scheduled for July 7-8.

Well, it's no big problem, as President Erdoğan has dozens of top quality secret service agents who can protect him in these hard times. What is important is that these secret service people can do their jobs freely to protect our president without hindrance from their German counterparts or the local authorities in Hamburg.

The Germans should be aware that some members of President Erdoğan's security detail did not charge at the violent protesters, who had been allowed dangerously close to the Turkish ambassador's residence, but they were forced to act in view of the incompetency of the Washington police.

If the local authorities had done their job properly and had prevented the protesters from wounding a Turkish guest trying to attend the embassy event, Turkish security personnel would not have been compelled to take action.

But instead, a well-orchestrated anti-Erdoğan campaign was immediately launched in the United States, which seems to have been planned beforehand.

Now the same old game is being staged in Hamburg.

Turkey hosted the G-20 summit in the Mediterranean resort city of Antalya in 2015. The summit was hailed for its excellent organization and security. The German chancellor was provided the best of security in a very relaxed environment. Violent protesters were not allowed anywhere near the resort town of Antalya where the event was held. Turkey protected Angela Merkel and allowed her bodyguards to be on hand to do their job as they wished.

Now we expect the same from the Germans. We do not trust the lives of our delegation to anyone. That is the tough lesson we learnt from the failed coup on July 15 last year. Ironically the fact that Germany has given shelter to the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) members who were involved in the bloody coup plot is no comfort to us.

Germany does not have a very good record in opposing the terrorist groups that are trying to destabilize Turkey. They have put the secessionist PKK on their terrorist list and yet we see German politicians embracing PKK activists and German authorities allowing the PKK to stage demonstrations. This is the same PKK which is not only waging a terrorist war against Turkey, but is involved in illegal activities ranging from extortion to drug trafficking.

As if this was not enough, we see with deep disappointment that German authorities are granting asylum to the coup plotters who fled to Germany after July 15. We also observe that all these people are under the protection of the German secret service, which is to say the least, extremely awkward.

Germany has tried to interfere in the internal affairs of Turkey in more than one way. German authorities carried out an active "no" campaign against the Turkish government before the April 16 referendum and encouraged an anti-Erdoğan press campaign, which was, to say the least, scandalous.

So when you say the German police will do their best to protect Erdoğan at the G-20 summit, would you feel the Turkish leader was safe in view of all the enmity displayed against him by the Germans in general? That is why we need our own security people who will guard our head of state properly.

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