Turkey wiping out occupying PKK forces in Syria

Published 21.01.2018 13:09
Updated 21.01.2018 13:52

At last, Turkey has launched "Operation Olive Branch" in northern Syria to uproot the occupying PKK forces and give back the region to its rightful owners – the Syrian people. The military operation is now concentrating on the Afrin region, which has been occupied by at least 2,000 PKK terrorists who were shipped here from the Qandil Mountains in the northern Iraq.

The Turkish border lies to the north and the west of the Afrin region, which has been used by the PKK to infiltrate terrorists into Turkey and to carry out their secessionist campaign.

So Turkey is aiming to kill two birds with one stone.

The first is to eliminate the terrorist threat that has been concentrated across its border. Turkish intelligence says that in only the past few months, the PKK has sent 200 terrorists into Turkey from this region and all of them have been caught.

Second is the fact that once you clear Afrin from terrorists you can give the area back to its rightful owners, the local Syrians who have been terrorized by the PKK for several years. This is not only valid for Afrin but for all of the Syrian regions bordering Turkey.

For decades the region's majority Sunni Arab population, Turkmens and the Kurds have been terrorized by successive Assad regimes. So much so, that the Sunni Arab Syrians have been subjected to massacres over the decades by the armies of first, Hafez Assad and then, Bashar Assad.

The Kurds of Syria were regarded as "nonexistent" by the Assad regimes. They had no citizenship privileges; they were not treated as Syrians and they were not issued birth certificates. They could not own land or serve as civil servants.

So the regional Kurds have lived a life of hell under the Assad regimes. But things did not get better after the civil war erupted in Syria and Assad pulled his forces out of north in areas bordering Turkey.

On the contrary the power vacuum left by Assad was filled by the PKK. They forced their way into northern Syria through their armed terrorist groups imported from the Qandil Mountains in northern Iraq; the PKK killed other Kurdish politicians and opposition leaders, they forced many to flee the region and created their own tyrant administration in the region. They called themselves the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and created an armed wing called the People's Protection Units (YPG).

The Americans supported the PKK and helped it establish roots in northern Syria, first by providing some arms, training and intelligence. Then, the American support grew and the PKK received heavy arms and ammunition to allegedly fight Daesh terrorists.

Turkey raised hell about the support the Americans were providing to the PKK, but the U.S. generals claimed they would use the PKK against Daesh and then they would end the cooperation and collect the arms given to the PKK.

That never happened and there are indications that the Americans are trying to establish a permanent relationship with the PKK in Syria and also use this as a pretext to stay in the region. The U.S. is handing over the administration of Syrian Arab cities and townships to the PKK.

So now Turkey is taking matters into their own hands. Turkey started this campaign with Operation Euphrates Shield on Aug. 24, 2016 and pushed Daesh out of its southern borders west of the Euphrates with great success. The region became a safe zone where Syrians now enjoy the freedom they had never tasted before. Now the same is being done through the Operation Olive Branch to clear Afrin from the PKK and some Daesh elements.

Afrin will be liberated and returned to its rightful owners. Then Turkey will concentrate on all the other areas occupied by the PKK and Daesh killers. The Syrian Arabs and Kurds who suffered under Assad and the PKK will finally be liberated.

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