US has to live with its mistakes


A series of mistakes committed by the U.S. forces Turkey to either develop its own defense systems or acquire them from other countries

The Americans have mistreated their "friend" and "ally" Turkey in more than one way, and while they can mend fences there is still some permanent damage that can never be erased.

Washington refused to sell Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to Turkey, let alone provide any technology for them. Turkey needed these vehicles in its fight against terrorism at home, especially against the PKK secessionist terrorist group.

That was a gross mistake as the Turks developed their own UAVs and then perfected the technology by adding arms to these vehicles. Today they have become the backbone of our struggle against terrorists.But that is not all. Turkey wanted to buy aerial reconnaissance equipment from the Americans to be used by the UAVs, that request was also turned down. So Turkey did not only develop its new generation UAVs but added homemade surveillance systems to them that are now being used effectively at home and in the current military operation in the northern Syrian enclave of Afrin.

Turkey dearly wanted to acquire a reliable air defense system as it is surrounded by potential enemies that have developed their own medium and long range missiles.

The Americans, the Dutch and the Germans provided Turkey with Patriot air defense systems within the NATO alliance but then withdrew them when Turkey started its struggle against a PKK uprising in some eastern and southeastern cities and towns.

Turkey wanted to buy an air defense system from the U.S. but that request was denied.

After a long while, Turkey opted to acquire this air defense system from the Russians – and the Americans raised objections. They still continue to do so. They are hopping mad. Despite this, Turkey signed a deal with Russia to acquire the S-400 defense system which has proven extremely successful. The Russians are also providing Turkey with missile technology that will help Turkey develop its own rocket technology.

Meanwhile, Turkey also signed deals with a French-Italian consortium to develop another air defense system.

So a series of mistakes committed by the Americans have forced Turkey to either develop its own defense systems or acquire these systems from other sources.

Now the Americans are saying, "Let's turn back the clock." Can you really do that?

What are we supposed to do? Dump our UAV capabilities and turn back on our commitments to the Russians? Turkey does not do business like that. Turkey does not conduct its affairs in shady waters. So the Americans are still making the grand old mistake of alienating Turkey and the Turks.

The Americans have made serious mistakes and they have to live with them. All that can be done is to contain the damage done and move on from where we are now. This means Turkey should be treated as an ally and a friend and not a country that can be pushed around according to the whims of American generals.

You cannot do all this when you continue to harbor members of the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) and help PKK-linked terrorists in Syria.

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