Turkey faces the threat of a shadowy enemy

Published 06.08.2018 20:44 Modified 06.08.2018 20:44

Turkey has been haunted by a shady enemy that manifested its aggression through smear campaigns, propaganda, disinformation and manipulative operations

For years the shadowy enemy has been out there cooperating with the Fetullah Gülen gang and the PKK secessionist terrorist organization to get rid of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his administration at all costs, but has failed badly, simply because the Turkish people have stood by their leader and refused to part with him.

The threat is real and it is extremely dangerous. It does not have a headquarters, it does not have a set location, and you cannot put your finger on it. It is shadowy but it is real.

It is a coalition of outside forces that feel they cannot control Erdoğan and thus they have lost control over Turkey. They want to manipulate Turkey as they did in the past and feel Erdoğan is the greatest obstacle and has to be eliminated.

Last week's Newsweek opinion column written jointly by Jonathan and Albert Watchel ends with the line "the sooner the free world acts against Erdoğan, the safer the world will be. Turkey must be transformed" sums it all up.

They are twisting and bending the facts, they are using a series of cunning perception ploys, they are even going to the extremes of distortion to create a completely false picture about Turkey and its leader as they feel Turkey has become too independent to their liking and must be put at bay.

The shadowy enemy is in the United States, it is in the Western European countries and receives logistical, tactical and strategic support from the Fetullah gang that staged the July 15, 2016 bloody coup attempt and the PKK terrorist organization which has been waging a secessionist war in Turkey since 1984.

The greatest drawback in the fight against this shadowy enemy is the fact that you cannot eliminate it through conventional means.

You have to hit them with their own weapons, which are public relations, propaganda, perception campaigns, disinformation, distortion and covert operations.

They have created an extremely distorted and misleading picture about Turkey and Erdoğan in American and Western European public opinions and this has to be corrected and clarified.

For example the latest Newsweek "opinion" on Turkey talks about "Kurds of Syrian Manbij" which is a total distortion of facts. Ninety-five percent of the population of the Syrian city of Manbij are Syrian Arabs; the PKK-linked militants of the U.S. backed People's Protection Units (YPG) occupied the city, forcing Daesh terrorists out. Turkey had misgivings about the YPG taking over a Syrian Arab city but the Americans gave assurances to Ankara that the YPG elements would withdraw from the city, but they never did. On the contrary they were well entrenched and started to push the Arabs out of the city and bring in YPG people. When Turkey threatened to use military action to force the PKK-affiliated occupation forces out, the U.S. bowed and now the process is on for the YPG withdrawal. These people were not "Kurds of Manbij" but invaders.

Turkey has to hit the shadowy enemy with its own weapons and strategies. This means a strong PR department, a strong propaganda apparatus and good diplomacy.

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