The PKK is showing its true face in Syria

Published 12.09.2018 00:36 Modified 12.09.2018 00:36

The PKK's real aim in Syria is to push local people, including Christians, out of their homes; these actions pose a threat to Turkish national security

The PKK, which is presented to the American public through its affiliates the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the People's Protection Units (YPG) in Syria as a civilized entity, is now showing its true face as a terrorist organization that has no human values or respect for rights and freedoms.

The PYD and YPG recently lost face with the events in the city of Qamishli across the Turkish border when Syrian Christians protested the organization's closing down of schools affiliated with the church. First the clergy protested against the PYD and YPG for harassing church officials, confiscating their belongings and putting restrictions on church services. Then the Christians of the city took to the streets to protest the PYD and YPG for closing their schools and forcing Christian children to go to schools where the PKK sets the curriculum.

Now with events unfolding in the Syrian Arab city of Raqqa, which is occupied by PYD and YPG forces with massive help from the Americans, we are seeing ethnic cleansing as well as serious rights violations.

The YPG and PYD have declared a curfew in all of Raqqa to quell protests against their rule.

In recent weeks people have put up resistance against the YPG and PYD occupiers in the Raqqa region and some militants have been assassinated, thus prompting officials to declare a curfew in the region that has been in effect since Friday. YPG and PYD militants have stopped people from entering the city of Raqqa and banned people travelling across the bridge that joins the two parts of the city, which is divided by the Euphrates River.

The militants of the PYD and YPG have been putting pressure on devout Muslims in Raqqa and have been banning people from attending mosque prayers all over the city for the past three days. People are allowed to leave their homes for two hours a day as the militants intensify their pressure on local Arabs. In the rural areas of Raqqa militants have raided villages arresting 150 civilians and killing two.

Meanwhile militants also arrested the Arab candidates for the upcoming local elections organized by the Assad regime for Sept. 16. The PKK and its affiliates are orchestrating a reign of terror in the Raqqa region, which is only to be expected from these militants. What is sad is that all of these things are done with the blessing of the American forces in the region and the knowledge of the Pentagon. Thus the Americans are a party to the human rights violations and the way the people of Raqqa are being terrorized.

But it seems the American officials who deal with the YPG, PYD and PKK do not care at all about human suffering, the plight of the Syrian Arabs in the region or about the gross human rights violations that the American people are so much against.

All that seems to matter is the fact that the PYD and YPG have pushed the Daesh terrorists out of the rich oil and gas fields and have allowed the Americans to take over the area.

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