Genocide resolution is German aggression against Turkey

Published 07.06.2016 00:57

What Berlin really wants is to twist the Turkish government's arm under the pretext of acknowledging the suffering of Ottoman Armenians

Turkey has been under fire for several years now. The attacks originate from various places. Some aggressors spread anti-Turkish propaganda inside the country and others in Europe, the United States and other places. Through biased media coverage, misleading nongovernmental organization reports and random resolutions approved by national parliaments, Turkey's adversaries work tirelessly to break this nation.

When German parliament last week approved a resolution to recognize the tragic events of 1915 as an act of genocide, hardly anyone in Turkey was caught by surprise. After all, we have known for years that Western countries have absolutely no interest in the suffering of Ottoman Armenians during World War I. They are only interested in their own interests. Today, the issue has been reduced to a pawn in the battle between the West and countries like Russia, Turkey and Brazil over the global distribution of wealth.

The same goes for Germany's political elite. If they were genuinely concerned about the welfare of their fellow human beings, the parliamentarians would have no doubt taken some concrete steps to prevent the bloodshed in Syria, which has killed 500,000 people over the past five years. Likewise, they would have done something to help the nearly 10 million refugees around the world instead of trying to derail the Turkey-EU agreement, which effectively ended the mass movement of illegal migrants to the Greek islands.

But German politicians are not really interested in Ottoman Armenians, are they? What Berlin really wants is to twist the Turkish government's arm under the pretext of acknowledging the suffering of Ottoman Armenians and by paying lip service to universal human rights. To be clear, there has never been a shortage of people to exploit for imperialist governments once they set their eyes on the prize. Today, it is Ottoman Armenians, tomorrow who knows.

The fact that self-proclaimed leftists in Turkey and Germany cannot see through the German parliament resolution, however, is hilarious. Their level of idiocy is matched only by Turkish-origin German parliamentarians who participated in Thursday's vote. The Turkish-German community will no doubt give them a piece of their mind come election time.

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