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Published 05.07.2014 00:35

Leader of Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has finally declared his candidacy for president. Mehmet Ali Şahin, a close companion of Erdoğan's, announced Erdoğan's nomination in a meeting held at the Ankara Chamber of Commerce on July 1. On the front of the lectern from where Erdoğan made his speech, there was a logo that will be used during the election campaign. The logo symbolized a way through Erdoğan's given name , [Recep]. After all, Erdoğan started his speech with lines from Aşık Veysel's ballad "Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım" (I am on a long narrow road).

The perfection of the organization and details, besides the experience of a 12-year manager, were signs of how much this was taken seriously when it was compared to the opposition's inexperience. There were 4,000 party members from every age group and around 250 reporters in the big meeting hall. All invitations were sent directly to the guests with their names on it – former party members who no longer had any professional relation with the party were not forgotten. Then again, an extensive part in the beginning of Erdoğan's speech emphasized this continuity and loyalty. Moreover, there was a prayer for the party members who had passed away.

There is a meaning both in the long, narrow line in the logo and in this continuity and loyalty. This is a movement of recollection. We can also interpret this as a new modernity, in other words, an effort to try and look beyond modernity as much as the reaction toward nationalist elitists' disregard for pre-1923 era. Erdoğan's saying, "we are looking for clean water to turn our face to," hints at his emphasis on the totality of time and man's existence. This is important because Erdoğan and his administration aim not to be a temporary government but a lasting é cole by taking lessons from past mistakes and forming a paradigm that is aware of the West's identity and cultural crisis. Hearing Erdoğan's every word as a well-thought-out key to from a new paradigm of no accidental errors can be a guide to understand this movement.

Erdoğan represents a hybrid structure with which modernity interferes. He is not in a fight over this since he knows well enough that he cannot change history. In this regard, the movement he represents is open to re-evaluate the values and create an identity that can find a place in life. Actually, this is a very Nietzschean attitude. Nietzsche, who protested modernists trying to find a cure with Darwinian selection, suggested forming a new common morality by reevaluating values as industrial society captured communities in its dullness.

The problem is Nietzsche's new moral suggestion did not include religion . This can be applied to the modern Western intervention while the Middle East developed in a different way. Against modern and positivist interventions, faithful Middle Easterners, especially Turkish Muslims, fought with a hybrid administration that transformed modern strategies and kept religious values alive. Thus, they are the least affected by Western culture critics' uncured nostalgia, the melancholy of being dismissed. This instills hope and optimism in them to form a new world.
Erdoğan's long and narrow road hints at this suggestion, therefore it is healthier, more whole and everlasting. It contains a much deeper philosophy. Although it is still in its early phases, it has a promising future, it is energetic and optimistic. In short, Erdoğan implied in his manifesto in Köln and in other places that he dreams to found a state that is equal and secular, not by forgetting our relations with the Middle East but by placing religion in our lives respectfully and as being a democratic part of the modern world, facing the West.

Actually, this is something that the Western world should do. The identity and cultural crisis along with the dull and prototyped world of the West can no longer hold itself together.

Gesselschaft, meaning bureaucratic state --- both gesselschaft and gemeinschaft mean "society, community", replacing Gemeinschaft, meaning community, did not lead to society's happiness in the Western world, where Christianity, the spiritual world, spirit and communities have been eradicated. The distraction of a consumption society did not carry them further. However, the whole world needs to put the fragmented man together and make peace between material and spiritual things.

The reason why Turkey was not affected from this crisis is because huge crowds of people protected their faith and their community. The crisis is mostly seen among totalitarians and Westerner secularists. Erdoğan's hybrid suggestion is hated as it foreshadows the destruction of totalitarian secularism. Moreover, elitists' resentment of losing their old privileges since the faithful and the Kurds settled in the center adds to this hatred. In a sense, the crisis is both existential and material. That's why Erdoğan causes eyebrows to raise as much as he is successful.

Here, in his July 1 speech, Erdoğan told the story of the paradigmatic change that this article is attempting to explain. He was very self-confident and different . Erdoğan knows that he does not only put up a political fight but he also interferes with history in a worldwide way. The ending of this story is unknown, yet it is certain that Erdoğan is not only a leader of Turkey, but also a leader whose name will be noted in the history of the world.

Erdoğan's suggestion, which hints at a new moral structure and peace, is not only intended for Turkey, but also to the world. On top of that, Erdoğan is a blessing for the world, searching for a way out. The West can face the Middle East and Islam through Erdoğan, it can mend bridges that were demolished by colonialism and with this confrontation it can give itself a new lease of life.

Erdoğan's only condition is an honorable an equal relationship. Turkey is not a banana republic that can be re-designed with coups. If the West acknowledges Turkey as an equal and reputable partner and let it to take its rightful share of global commerce, we can live in a new era where everybody wins. Furthermore, we can solve identity issues by talking to one another. In any case, Turkey will move forward.

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