Provocation in Israel paid off

Published 11.07.2014 01:09

It seems the Middle East has turned into a blood bath once again. The Palestinian Problem has escalated into warfare because of politicians' lack of foresight, and Israel's attitude toward the killing of four youngsters after nine-months of negotiations. Instead of putting a light on the murders of three Jewish and one Palestinian teens legally, these killings are accepted as an act of war, contrary to Israeli President Netanyahu's statement: "Israel is a state of law." Although it was not verified that Hamas was responsible for killing the three Jewish youngsters, large-scaled arrests and the killing of six Palestinians were followed by attacks on Gaza. Hamas did not wait long to respond and fired Qassam missiles into the Jewish cities that neighbor Gaza. Presumably, this process will witness a second Iron Dome Operation, and the incidents that have been recalled for the past half-century will be lived over again. The deaths will increase in number, as will hatred. Consequently, the belief that the two nations might live together peacefully will take another blow.

Although it has not yet been fully illuminated - this outcome might be what was intended in the first place. Hamas and Fatah formed a joint government and are overcoming the differences between their various factions. Palestine attended the peace negotiations under U.S. mediation with this new-found unity. Obviously, it is not something desired. As a result a deep power stepped in and attempted to alienate Hamas while putting distance between Hamas and Fattah. Murdering youngsters is a move to test the common sense of both nations, however, at this point, Fattah must not leave Gaza.

When the losses by both sides are compared, the odds are against Palestine. This situation refutes Israel's assertion about being a state of law. There will be these types of provocations and violent acts by those who want the clashes to continue during peace talks. In view of this, if Israel and Palestine really want peace, they have to prevent these attacks and present a joint stance against the attacks that they cannot prevent.

There is no other option for the solution of the Palestine Problem other than the peace process. For this to happen, Israel, as an active power, has to act like an actual state of law. How many people have to die to realize there is no solution in carrying on with war based on the principle of 'an eye for an eye' and justification that these lands were promised to them by God?

If Israel had acted like a state of law, working for peace, instead of acting like a war state, and Iif Hamas had responded to this effort, it would have been a first for the region.

Yet I suppose there is neither a will for peace nor a pullback from the paradigm of war. Hence, there is a need for bold and outof- box leadership. It is not possible for politics to step in instead of war unless the war is seen as a disaster, as opposed to a solution. As long as Israel carries on with these politics while Hamas uses violence as a response, nothing will change.

Somebody needs to break this routine. Israel is the designated power. Is there another way for Palestinians, apart from war, if Israel does not give up its stance? Gandhi's tactics are the only strategy that can be used against a power such as Israel. Although Israel answers 10 or even 100 times worse for each Jewish loss, it still preserves its moral legitimacy. Israel monopolizes the media and diplomacy. It is pointless to seek a solution through violence when you have such power. Leaving Israel alone with its state-sanctioned violence and campaigning for justice through civil disobedience and protests that are peaceful yet influential, are more rational. But none of the parties seem to be mature enough. Hence, provocation and violence will keep on ruling the region.

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