White Turks replaced by mortified Turks

Published 30.04.2014 20:08

We know this sector of society that humiliates the public and thinks that political destiny is determined not by election polls but by various plots, misconduct and coups. We call them White Turks.

During the process that started with the Gezi protests and continued with the Dec.
17 and Dec. 25 operations, the presumptuous tycoons of the Gülen Movement once again changed their course and aligned with the White Turks.

By forming such an unprecedented alliance, this new organism carried out election rallies during the March 30 local elections.
For instance, the White Turks of the Republican People's Party (CHP) even tried to integrate Kemalism with Gülenism. White Turks who failed in previous coup plots sustained a similar defeat in the March 30 local elections. In the meantime, the Gülen Movement that always sided with the winners was severely overwhelmed as they had counted on the White Turks to succeed in toppling the ruling government.

White Turks now as red as roosters

It is no longer proper to call this alliance, including the Gülenists, White Turks.
It seems more appropriate to address this mortified group as Red Turks.

It is obvious that these Red Turks are determined to continue their political misconduct until the presidential election. It is reasonable to view the May Day protest attempts within this framework.

Meanwhile, Selahattin Demirtaş, the current chairman of the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) said, "We will be at Taksim Square on May Day." He seems to have forgotten those who sabotaged the reconciliation process and Öcalan's warning to refrain from participating in the Gezi protests. This means there are Kurds who do not have a definite stance and are enthusiastic about being part of the Red Turks. We all see that no matter what they do, the majority of the public will elect the president, not only the Red Turks.

The one who bites is sometimes bitten

I would like to exemplify the matter by referring to a piece of Turkish humor. Famous comedian Temel went hunting with his friends. As they progressed, they saw a hole and Temel said to his friends, "Lie down on the ground! A rabbit will come out of the hole." They did as he instructed and shot the rabbit dead as it appeared from the hole. After a while, they ran into another hole and Temel said, "Two foxes will pop out from the hole." Again, all of them directed their guns toward the foxes and killed them. Finally, they saw a huge hole in the middle of a hill. This time, Temel spoke of an enormous animal that would come out of the hole. The following day, newspapers carried headlines like, "Four hunters lying at tunnel entrance severely mangled by train."

As far as we can see, the public will once again come out from the tunnel's entrance to prevail over those who are enthusiastic
about lying down on the railway tracks.

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