Journalism is also murdered in Gaza

Published 24.07.2014 01:07

Will Freedom House, a Washington-based think tank, mention Gaza in next year's 'Freedom of Press Report?" I wonder because Freedom House becomes as sensitive as a stethoscope when it comes to Eastern countries. Let's refresh our memory. For example, when the police asked to see identification from journalists during the Gezi protests last May, the organization considered it to be "censorship." Anything else? The organization reported that journalists who lost their jobs because of their personal relations with their bosses were "fired due to political reasons." Yet I know very well that, just as George Orwell said, in the eyes of Freedom House, all the journalists are equal, but surely some of them are more equal. For instance, although the organization is very sensitive about journalists and media organizations, the private television channels whose TV trucks were burned by Gezi protesters were not regarded as victims. We can also add journalists who were beaten by protesters to the list as well. Right before the Gezi protests, my colleagues, 25 writers and I were fired because we defended Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's political reforms. Freedom House did not care about that incident either. The organization even placed the blame on the Turkish government over the firing of journalists who work for newspapers owned by Imam Fetullah Gülen, who formed an autonomous structure in the Turkish Republic. Taking all of this into account, I am looking forward to seeing the organization's report next year. The organization itself does not like to declare what sources of information they have in countries they report on, yet some of my reminders might get their attention.

Shall we begin?

When the Gaza massacre began and 600 women and children were killed, what kind of political pressure might affect the BBC for not considering this violence as "news"? Would you care to investigate? The BBC posted a story on its website about the people who were afraid of the sound of bombs exploding while the bodies of nearly 100 civilians, who were killed by Israel, lay on the ground in al-Shujaya district. Would you call it a lopsided journalism reflex? Or are you interested in the tweets where CNN reporter Diana Magnay wrote that she was threatened by some Israelis because she criticized their cheering while Israel bombed children? Do you think about asking questions to NBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin, who was pull out of the region because he mentioned the Palestinian children who were killed by Israeli army while they were playing on the beach? Who is responsible for the murder of Palestinian journalist Halil Hamit, who was killed despite his "press" vest in the middle of the day by Israeli soldiers?

And who is responsible for many other journalists who were injured?Although they keep on advising the East, we are familiar with Israel, U. S and British governments' stance against freedom of press. Helen Thomas got fired because she defended Israel's occupation of Palestine. Yet as the Turks say "mızrak çuvala sığmıyor" (The spear does not fit in the sack). The massacre is so violent that the well-known talents of Israel's and other western medias which try to cover up this massacre, will not be effective. Trust me; the humanity will convict those who try to cover up this massacre sooner or later just like it convicted the ones who tried to cover up Hitler's cruelty to the Jews in the World War II. The Washington Post will take its place in the archives just like the U.S. and other western newspapers that tried to find excuses to the Holocaust were noted in the past. Under the Washington Post headline "2 Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza clash", these tiny lines will be read with terror: "Death toll tops 330 as Hamas militants step up attacks".

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