Proxy wars are over, when will the US wake up?

Published 08.02.2018 00:55

The Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have capitalized much on terrorists, especially since the 9/11 attacks. For instance, al-Qaeda - which emerged from among the groups that they had provided weapons for in the 1990s and before - is the strongest reason for the ongoing existence of their "peacekeeping force" in Afghanistan, which we have recently learned has rich lithium resources and let us not forget the contribution that they have made to the new world order based on the national security of the U.S., which has spun the wheel of hundreds of billions of dollars through the these terrorists.

However, there is a lifecycle for every lie and conspiracy. The terrorist use strategy of the U.S. and some imperialist powers, called the "proxy war," has now died away. Finally, it has been blatantly exposed in Iraq and Syria. Push your memory a little…

Previously, they had lied that "Saddam Hussein has chemical weapons." However, they could not use the same lie to overthrow the governments in the region after 2010. Just then, calm streets where the intelligence services of Western countries had a free hand were stirred at a moment's notice. Then the terror appeared in an appropriate environment that had been prepared for it!

A gang of professional killers, dubbed Daesh, which had no name and fame until then, popped up suddenly. They seized major oil-rich towns in two days. So, the U.S. found a threat through which it could maintain its military presence and pretenses in an oil rich region thousands of miles away with which it even does not have a border. The bad guys, the excuse for the New Age, were again a radical Islamist entity.

The Pentagon and CIA have supported and used all the terrorist groups in the region since then, saying they would destroy these zombies. They even overtly provided 4,000 trucks of weapons to the People's Protection Units (YPG), the Syrian branch of the PKK, which they consider a terrorist organization, to mop up the Daesh trouble. As if Daesh had aircraft, they did not neglect to give anti-aircraft ammunition and rockets. In the meantime, let me remind you that the craft downed in Syria recently was shot with a U.S.-made weapon.

Oddly enough, however, U.S. commanders released Daesh militants through a deal as if they had been drivers who committed a speeding offence, while they later pressed them along with the YPG in Raqqa. We are yet to know what the bail was. However, YPG terrorists, whom they gave institutional support, ran riot like furious horses. They insisted on establishing a structure right next to Turkey, which is a border country of NATO, namely the West's security point, which will pose a threat to anyone. They began to build a terrorist state coordinated by the U.S. in the north of Syria.

Certainly, all the states have seen that the U.S. is behind this, the most serious terrorist state initiative in history. This is proven by the support given by the whole world to Turkey's anti-terror operations in Afrin, Syria. Those who want to see the level of awareness in our country can also look at surveys. With the exception of Democratic Peoples' Party (HDP), the political wing of the outlawed PKK, all the ruling parties and the main opposition parties support the Afrin operation.

We hope that U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and National Security Advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump, Herbert Raymond McMaster, who are reported to have visited Turkey recently, are aware of this awakening and solidarity and that Trump has not forgotten to bring something suitable for the new situation on the agenda of his delegates. Otherwise they will just be tired.

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