The collapse of Turkey's bureaucratic oligarchy

Published 12.07.2018 01:45

Turkey is becoming a more rational country with a new, more dynamic system, which will pave the way to improve its ties and cooperation with other countries around the world

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who was elected as the first president of the new system on June 24, has announced the new Cabinet. Erdoğan's team, which will certainly be more functional, has many significant aspects in this new era.

As we know, the Turkish people decided in the April 16, 2017 referendum to change their country's governing system from a parliamentary system to a presidential one.

The ministries, which played a role in balancing the internal dynamics of the ruling parties rather than contributing to executive issues – which is indeed their real duty – in the former parliamentary system, have now caught an opportunity to perform their real tasks. Accordingly, the majority of the new Cabinet doesn't consist of politicians but well-educated experts. For instance, the education minister is a professor who has great experience in the private sector while the health minister is an academic who worked as the manager of a private hospital. The number of politicians in the sixteen-member Cabinet are limited – all of them are young and reformist actors, and successfully worked in the former governments.

As Erdoğan stated many times, the new structure of the government aims to end the bureaucratic oligarchy in the country, making the government act more freely and take tangible steps. That's why he took a risk and changed the profiles of the Cabinet.

Indeed, Turkey has been like a "bureaucracy republic" since the May 27, 1960 coup when the military intervened in the first multiparty democracy period. The military-civil elites in the country, who worked on conservative policies instead of development, have directed politics since 1960.

Well, didn't the very same bureaucratic groups, who did not have substantial support in the ballot boxes, lose power during the 16-year rule of the Erdoğan governments?

It is true that Erdoğan's political power was supported by the people and got a great position against the military and civil bureaucratic tutelage. However, the said problem did not result from persons or institutions but by the system itself. Therefore, the tutelage groups and their backers started smearing the new dynamic system change in the country since the very beginning, for they fear losing their hegemony over the state. They also criticized their country for those in the West by saying that "a conservative period is starting in Turkey, and it is driving away from the West."

To the contrary, the new Turkey with a more dynamic system is becoming a more rational country, which will pave the way in improving ties and cooperation with countries around the world. Leaving behind its past problems, Turkey is set to have a stronger position in the international community. The statements of President Erdoğan and his team also prove this prediction.

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