Israel-sided narrative of Western media relies heavily on deception

Published 23.07.2014 01:09

As Israel continues to pound Gaza, the Palestinian death toll in the latest round of Israeli violence has already surpassed 500. Thus far, Western media outlets have let the Israeli side be the narrator of the whole story and shape it as they wish.

Western media chose to begin the story in Gaza on June 12, when three Israeli teens were kidnapped in Gush Etzion, in the West Bank, as they were hitchhiking to their homes. At first sight it was breaking news. But it was also the first and the biggest deception that they sold us. Let me tell you why.

Before the Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and killed, in 2014 alone, five Palestinian children were killed by Israeli forces. There were no victims,only killers on the Israeli side, and there was nothing for Israelis to talk about. Therefore, the deaths of Palestinian children were not a story in the eyes of Western media. From June 1-11 alone, one Palestinian was killed and 11 Palestinian teens were arrested by Israeli forces. Again Israeli violence against the Palestinians was not worth reporting.

That was not an isolated string of events. In the same way, in 2012, the media didn't show their audience that a 13 year-old Palestinian boy was killed in an Israeli military incursion in southern Gaza on Nov. 8. Again, there were no deaths on the Israeli side so there was nothing to talk about for Israelis. For this reason, there was no news for Western media. They started to see the story two days later, on Nov. 10, when four Israeli soldiers were wounded by Palestinian fire. Israeli soldiers were wounded so it made headlines. Inside the story, there was no mention of the Palestinian boy who lost his life.

Those are not new realities in the old conflict. Israel's acts have never been the starting point of the cycle of the violence because what Israelis did to Palestinians never matters. The Palestinians have never had the right to defend themselves against the Israelis and Palestinian rockets have never been an acceptable response to the violence which Israel initiates. However, Israel's bombing of Gaza is always acceptable.

But that deception is not only about their ignorance. It has importance. The"storytellers" in the West are not honest, objective and fair but they are consistent as they should do that in the first place to hold the Israeli narrative together afterwards. When they start the story from the middle, they can keep the deception going as they meticulously "reveal" the beginning of the story by never mentioning the real beginning. This is how they make people believe that the Israel Defense Forces' (IDF) acts are just a response to Hamas and that the IDF are aiming to defend Israel and nothing else. However, if they report what happens regularly, the narrative would be the same but the protagonist would be the antagonist and vice versa. People will understand that Hamas didn't start it but Israel.

Israel, the real murderer, becomes the victim right after the first deception and then their lies come one after another. Israeli lies like "Hamas started it," become the "facts." No, in fact, Israel started it. "Hamas is a terrorist organization." No, in fact, Israel is a terrorist state. "Hamas uses civilians as human shields." No, in fact, Israel uses bombing civilians as a threat. "This is about the security of Israel." No, in fact, this is about the Seige of Gaza . "Israel is a democratic state." No, in fact, Israel is an apartheid state.

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