A rejected ceasefire and the truth

Published 22.07.2014 01:05

Egypt's military junta government offered to broker a ceasefire in Gaza. Israel announced that they had accepted the proposal and Hamas rejected it. So it appears that Israel has a constructive stance while Hamas has a warlike one. Yet what is the truth? What was that ceasefire about? What was it aimed at and who rejected what on which grounds? Let's pursue these questions.

Asking why Hamas keeps firing missiles which are nothing but pieces of tin is a legit question. It is true that Israel tries to legitimize itself using these lousy missiles. I condemn Hamas' policy that has led to the deaths of thousands of people for years, in every platform. I say that there should be a passive resistance, and a Gandhi-like path should be followed to force a major change in Israeli policy.

On the other hand, apart from Hamas' politics, there is this truth: even if there are no bombs flying over, Gaza is dying anyway. It is gradually dying because of loneliness, abandonment and isolation. It is impossible to understand Hamas' rejection of Egypt's ceasefire proposal without considering this truth about Gaza, because the ceasefire text did not even mention lifting the embargo that sentences Gaza to its death. The ceasefire demanded Hamas agreement upon a situation which foresees the continuity of the status-quo. Moreover, it must be considered that this proposal came from Egypt's military government which is under the influence of Israel.

The issue of whether releasing the Palestinian prisoners was also ignored by the ceasefire text. In short, Hamas was not consulted. It is impossible to want Hamas to agree upon a text that was prepared under the control of Israel and disregards Hamas all together. It was a clever setup because presenting a ceasefire proposal in front of the world that Hamas would reject was a tricky way to mark Hamas as the side that does not want peace.

Mustafa Özcan, a journalists that follows the Middle East and the Arab world from Turkey, quoted an Israeli minister in his article "The ceasefire proposal that blew up in hands."

"A few hours later after the ceasefire proposal, we discovered that we made the proposal to ourselves," said the minister . (I recommend you to read this article which examines the situation in detail).

It is not true that Turkey and Qatar's provocations were behind Hamas' rejection. It is true that Hamas wants Turkey and Qatar to play an active role in the process as Hamas wants to be taken seriously. Yet the reason for its rejection is not Turkey and Qatar but the preparation process of the text itself.

Where will Israel stand in relation to a proposal that results from a Turkey-Qatar partnership and is agreed to by Hamas? Can Egypt be excluded from this matter which is about its neighbor Gaza? The answers to these questions seem to be "no." Unfortunately, this genocide under the name of "the right of self-defense" seems to continue as long as the West and Arab administrations dominated by the West, support Israel.

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